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Our first National Breakfast Day experience

Last night, Big Sis told me as I was getting ready for bed that today would be National Breakfast Day and we should head to McDonald’s as early as 6 AM to participate. If you must know, this daughter of mine has gotten into the habit of sleeping very late in the evening and waking up very late, too. I thought I’d never hear her say again that she would be waking up early for anything at all, so I took that as a positive sign and challenged her to be up by 5 AM.

She went to bed then even before 10 PM, which is already rather early. She woke me up at around 2 AM, however, because she was hungry. I thought then that we won’t be able to make it and get a free breakfast sandwich for sure, but we would still go there and have breakfast as long as she’s up before 8 AM.

Lo and behold, Big Sis woke me up again at 5 AM! 🙂

We left the house at 6 AM and went straight to the McDonald’s branch nearest us. However, there was already a crowd gathered both inside and outside the premises, and my early risers were so disappointed that they started pouting and complaining. I didn’t realize that it was McDonald’s Southwoods that they had in mind, but I brought them to a different branch. My fault. Wanting to reward them still, especially Big Sis, for waking up early, we headed to McDonald’s Southwoods then.

Just as Big Sis had predicted, there were very few people at this branch compared to the one we visited earlier. In fact, there were no one else for the staff to hand the coupons but us. It was not until the crew was done taking our orders that customers started to pour in.

Sausage McMuffins, pancakes, and hot chocolate, please!


Participating at McDonald’s National Breakfast Day had been an interesting experience for us. I used to have breakfast by myself at McDonald’s while waiting for Lil Sis to finish her classes at a Montessori school. (They used to attend conventional schools.) I sort of miss having that time to myself, but I was also happy to share that moment with my girls too. My relationship with my teen needs a reboot, and having breakfast outside the house was just one of the ways to do that, I thought.

Pancakes for my growing up teen 🙂

After breakfast, we explored the area and exchanged thoughts about animal cruelty, especially after seeing two dogs tied together in an open area opposite commercial establishments. My teen wanted to document the scene and report it to the authorities, but I tried to reason with her that we needed to be certain first that a violation was committed. After all, it was still pretty early and the weather was rather gloomy, so we can’t say that the dogs were left under the heat of the sun, neglected, emaciated. We would have to go back to the scene several times during the day and see if the owners won’t come back for the dogs, bring them to shelter, and feed them. We may also have to interview some of the people in the area.

Having that kind of conversation with my daughters was really encouraging for me as a homeschool parent-teacher. I want them to be able to ask intelligent questions and think of possible scenarios before doing anything drastic. If my teen happened to be out with her classmates from her former school, I wonder where their conversation would lead, or whether a teacher would even jump in and share some wisdom.


All in all, the National Breakfast Day at McDonald’s had been a nice experience for my daughters and me. Even if I had to deal with a few character blunders, the girls and I were able to pick things up and move on and connect to each other more meaningfully over a nice breakfast. That’s what a family breakfast is all about after all, right?

So, kita-kits at McDonald’s for their 6th National Breakfast Day next year? ❤

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