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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 24: The one on Resurrection Sunday

It’s Resurrection Sunday, or Easter Sunday to many, and I had a great day spent with my girls and dear friends from our former church. I felt so blessed to be with them, and I wish the day never had to end!

reading various Christian literature this Holy Week. Somehow, I’m having difficulty focusing on only one Bible passage and meditating on it. I keep encountering the words be still and wait on the LORD both in my readings and the songs I hear.

writing journal entries as well as things to do in the coming week.

listening and trying to make out the words coming from somewhere in the neighborhood. At first I thought it was the Catholics saying their novena prayers or reading the Pasyon. But as it continued even on Good Friday, Black Saturday, and now Easter Sunday, I’m positive that it was something else. Whatever happened to the anti-noise law?

thinking about the happiness that stayed with me throughout the day. We’re celebrating Resurrection Sunday and the fact alone that Jesus loves me and has triumphed over the sting of death, sin, and Satan gives me joy that no one or nothing can take away. Having spent a wonderful afternoon with my friends from GCF South Metro Yuppies also gives me a glowing feeling, not to mention my daughters were very happy with just about everything that happened today.

wishing I could see my close friends (Yuppies) more often, that we’d get together 2–4 times a year instead of 1–2 times a year. Apparently, we only tend to meet once a year unless someone in the family of one of us dies.

hoping to get our old clothes, shoes, books, even toys either distributed or put up on sale starting this coming week.

loving how all the issues that have been confronting my family and me started getting resolved mostly through prayers (with the help of my friends).

wanting to get everything related to the current school year done and over with.

needing to sort my priorities. There are so many things that I both want and need to do. I get easily distracted when I think about them, and sometimes, seeing my organizer filled with lots of things to do makes me want to throw it away.

feeling thankful for everything that I have – Jesus in my life, my family, good friends, supportive siblings (especially my sister and eldest brother), and even for the material things that we have, career and business opportunities that would hopefully turn into something more, etc.

enjoying the feel of my bed after having a well-spent day with my girls and dear friends.

praying for my husband, that he would continue to walk with Jesus and have a deeper relationship with Him. I tend to worry that he prefers to be by himself and wait for us to get home instead of connecting with our Christian friends and joining them in church on Sundays.

thanking God for sending His beloved Son Jesus to die for my sins and offer me salvation and eternal life. ❤

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