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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 25: The one with just the four of us

Since my husband was home for only eight days, I have decided to stay away from my laptop and avoid checking emails, even blogging. I tried to spend every moment with him and our girls, except for one day that I took the time to get re-acquainted with the anti-aging business by attending a seminar that lasted for a few hours and running some errands afterward.

Now that he has gone back to work abroad, I guess I’m back to some of my old ways too. Nevertheless, the short period we were together, doing things together, traveling together, will remain a sweet memory for every member of our family.

For the first time, it was just the four of us, our own small family, exploring and learning things together, meeting other people along the way, etc. It was such a wonderful experience and I’m glad my husband has agreed to it even if it meant that the pets would be on their own and have the house to themselves. 😉

reading “Deep Blue Sea” by Vallerie Howard, a novella in Kindle format. It’s one of those ebooks that I found free on Amazon, thanks to I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction books lately if I’m not busy with chores or out on the road traveling with the family. I could definitely use some light fiction story right now as part of my rest.

writing the final draft of a certain article that was meant to be published last November. I’m trying to finish all the articles in my drafts folder now and start using an editorial calendar. That way, I make sure that I get to publish a post 1–2 times a week and be able to focus on other important things as well… Yeah, I know, you’ve read that before!

listening to some Spotify music blaring from my daughters’ bedroom. My teenager is isolating herself again, especially that her dad has gone back to Singapore last night. I suppose that’s her way of coping with sadness and in some ways, I must admit that we are alike. I used to stay in my room when I was a teen too, reading, writing, painting, and listening to music, although not particularly because I was sad, but because I became more of an introvert when I was growing up. Some days, I still do those things, like today.

thinking about God answering our prayers. For one, our enemies next-door didn’t do anything stupid that could harm us for a change. They kept to themselves and were quiet almost the whole time my husband was home. Interestingly, I dreamed last night that their patriarch was caught and imprisoned for a drug-related case and that was the reason they were trying to live peacefully now. I woke up feeling indignant, however, because in my dream, the old man tried to mock Jesus’ sacrifice by insisting he be crucified instead of being put to jail! Then I remembered the story of Jonah as I became fully awake.

wishing my husband could stay much longer with us. The girls were very happy and biddable when he’s around, and I was able to sleep better at night with him next to me too. It also felt really good to share with him my burdens and hold his hands while praying.

hoping to get started on the business I’ve been thinking about by Mother’s Day, which is next Sunday. That means I would be extremely busy this coming week and I would have to shell out about PHP 10,000.00 to get everything up and running though. I’m not sure if I could do all those things at this point, but I have to start doing something now.

loving the days we’ve recently spent together as a family. My husband came home for a very short vacation and we would always watch a movie online in the girls’ bedroom before sleeping at night. We also celebrated Lil Sis’s 11th birthday by going out of town, which was a first for us. We’ve been to places abroad, but this was the first time we explored a local tourist area, would you believe? Hopefully, we’ll finally get to buy a car before the year ends–if we’re still here in the Philippines by then–so we could explore other beautiful places that are just a few hours away from home.

wanting to be with my husband all the time and be a real wife to him. The longer he stays abroad and the older the kids get, the more glaring the fact becomes that our situation is simply not normal and isn’t what God has designed a family to be. His mere presence has made a significant change in the girls’ attitude, especially in our teen, and I could not be happier. Big Sis has even started smiling again in front of the camera. (She had started to dislike having her pictures taken.) Moreover, I felt like I was truly a housewife when he’s around, and not just a mom.

needing to sort our family’s finances and find new ways to make money. It’s time to put those ideas into reality, but first, I need extra money to get them up and running, of course. It takes money to make money, haven’t you heard?

feeling exhausted, especially with all the activities that we’ve been doing while the mister was here. Not that I’m complaining, but I could really use some rest now, especially that the coming days would be so busy for both the girls and myself. It’s just the three of us here once more while my husband would be on his own again in a faraway land.

enjoying this time that I am able to use my Mac again to write, to blog. It’s been a while and I just realized that I tend to feel more stressed when I don’t get to write regularly, either on my journal notebook or on my blog.

praying for the LORD’s will for our family and for His continued provisions. I know that we should all be together as a family, but I would also love to know when and where, or even how that would happen. Should we move to another city or country? Exactly where should we go, when do we leave, and how do we really start planning for it when nothing seems certain?

thanking God that despite all the negative memories we had in our current neighborhood, with some of our neighbors, including my in-laws, we still have a house that we could call our own and we do not have to worry about having a leaky roof or a flooded bathroom anymore. We even have air-conditioned bedrooms and comfortable beds to sleep in every single day too. We have really come a long way, and I am grateful. ❤

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