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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 26: The one on Mother’s Day

What can I say except my girls outdid themselves this year (with a little help from their dad). ❤️  I am one very happy mom today not only because of the surprises, handmade gifts, and treats they prepared for me, but also because they behaved so well today — no bickering at all. Kaya naman pala, e! ☺️

On the other hand, I miss my mother so much! A few weeks ago, I found my teenage daughter crying; she said she missed her so much, too. Today and here on, however, we choose to celebrate her life… for everything she has done for me, for all the love and care she showered us, especially on my girls. They were still so young when she passed away, yet they still remember how she loved and cared for them. It’s amazing what (her) unconditional love can do! She continues to hold their hearts—our hearts—to this day.

I wish I could still take her to the spa, movies, or Jollibee, buy her a gift this Mother’s Day, and kiss and hug her like I used to do. Anyway, I’m sure she’s having a grand time in heaven now. I am grateful that she has accepted Jesus as her LORD and Savior before she passed away. That thought alone gives me peace. Indeed, she was blessed and she surpassed them all.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! Happy Mother’s Day, fellow moms! 🌷🌷🌷 Now, please imagine me completing this short writing while I was at Buku-Buku Kafé at SM Southmall, having a special Mother’s Day dinner with my daughters. Cheers!

Lorenza Mariano Rioja

reading Too Blessed to Be Stressed by Debora M. Coty. Again, it’s one of those ebooks that I found free on Amazon, thanks to I’m discovering a lot about myself through this book and I’m getting the encouragement I need too, so far, to avoid getting stressed. The author’s style of writing’s light and humorous, yet thought-provoking. This is one book that I would recommend to every woman, especially wives and moms.

writing down a list of things to do this coming week. Would you believe it, I actually brought my organizer with me along with my set of metallic colored pens and started planning the week while waiting for our dinner to be served?

listening to the young man play his guitar as he sings Beatles songs as well as some oldies. It’s interesting how his family was there to support him, with his mom wearing a proud smile on her face and was always the first to clap after each song. I can sense their connection to each other and it’s riveting!

thinking of and marveling at how my girls were well-behaved throughout the day. Yesterday, they were bickering endlessly that we had to cut short our trip to the mall as a consequence. Today, however, they were literally like angels, reminding each other that it’s Mother’s Day, my day, and they should not be selfish.

wishing Mama’s still around so I could treat her like I used to do on Mother’s Day, especially when I was still single. We would go to the spa, watch a movie, and dine wherever she wanted.

hoping to finish all the school requirements, including lessons, by the first week of June. I know we keep postponing and I really wish I was able to attend all the HS 201 seminars before we started homeschooling. It could have made a huge difference; I had already thought of putting the girls back to conventional school, if not switching to a different provider, or even becoming an independent homeschooler for good. Good thing I was able to attend the seminar; I was beginning to think that we’re not really getting the support we were promised when we signed up with TMA, although I still wish they could be more supportive and organized. There is still time though, and I have not lost hope that we’ll finish strong. Our resource speaker was really helpful and inspiring.

loving the fact that from the time I woke up until now, my girls have been attentive to me, pampering me. Zoe prepared sunny side up egg and toast, plus apple juice for my breakfast in bed. She also presented me lots of handmade gifts she had made herself and turned our tiny Christmas tree into a Mother’s Day tree filled with coupons and greetings. Ali, on the other hand, took care of our lunch and dinner with the money their father had left with them to treat me this day. We had lunch at Taco Bell, one of our favorite fastfoods, and dinner at Buku-Buku Kafé, a place that I’ve been wanting to visit. Indeed, I’m a very happy mom today, not to mention we got to watch the Shopkins Live Musical Show after attending church too, although that was more for Zoe’s pleasure.

wanting to turn our backyard into a useful piece of space. I plan to plant new vegetables and flowering plants there again, improvise a mini greenhouse, place a picnic table in the middle, and plant Japanese bamboo along the walls. I can’t wait to have a brand new garden, which I believe, would also be conducive to our homeshooling. I just wish I have extra money to start working on it now.

needing to start prioritizing the business I’ve been planning to put up. Big Sis made a move and contacted one of our prospective clients without my consent. Although it has not been a disaster, she still needs to be patient and learn how things should be done. On the other hand, I have taken a baby step toward that direction by registering the business name online. I just need to formalize it by going to a DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) office nearby, which would be one of my errands this week.

feeling tired but happy. This weekend has been marvelous! The three of us are attending the VBS 2017: Arctic Adventure, with Big Sis and I as volunteers and Lil Sis as a participant. After all these years of avoiding volunteering at CCF, I finally realized that I could no longer do so. It’s about time our daughters learn the things their father and I used to love doing together when we were singles – working at Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. We would even write Teacher’s Manuals together, which were all published by CSM.

enjoying this year’s Mother’s Day, in case you haven’t realized that yet. Truly, truly, the LORD has been answering my prayers in that I delight in my children more these days regardless of what they do or don’t do.

praying for my sister-in-law Tina. She’s been on my mind lately, and I pray that she would come to know Jesus as her LORD and Savior. May she remember this day the children she gave birth to and feel nothing but overpowering love for them, that she may be won over and be that caring and responsible mother she used to be.

thanking God for my mother and everyone else who mothered me and my children, as well as for the privilege to become a mom myself. It’s a great responsibility and I am always reminded more than ever of my duty to teach my children in the way they should go, talking about God’s faithfulness with them and studying the Bible with them. ❤

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