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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 27: The one with Wonder Woman

I’ve been meaning to watch Wonder Woman with my girls on its first day at cinemas. I grew up watching Super Friends on TV, and Wonder Woman has always been my favorite character. I would also watch reruns of the Wonder Woman TV series that featured Lynda Carter in the 80’s when I was in elementary. Since my husband is also a big fan of DC (and Marvel) superheroes, we always make sure that we watch the live action films on the big screen (with our daughters) when there’s one showing.

We’ve known for months now when Wonder Woman would hit the Philippine cinemas, thanks to a certain lifestyle mobile app and the Internet, and I have calendared it as soon as we confirmed the date. The mister even bought me a Wonder Woman shirt last year in preparation for the big day. Hence, the disappointment I had for not being able to watch it on the exact day I’ve written down on my organizer.

Unfortunately, there were simply so many things that required my attention and I could not afford to drag my daughters in the middle of the week while they were preparing for something more important, such as the OLSAT and Disney Premiere audition, not to mention I had errands to attend myself too. We simply had to wait for the perfect timing then and I’m glad we did, for some of my wonder friends were even able to join us this afternoon, which made watching the movie much more fun! And, my takeaway from the movie? You can’t save everyone, so don’t be discouraged…

reading 3 Weeks to an Organized Homeschool by Katherine Leigh, along with Debora M. Coty’s Too Blessed to be Stressed. The latter serves as my current devotional, whereas the former serves as a guide to make our next homeschool year more productive for everyone and keep me sane. *fingers crossed*

writing down my thoughts on a lot of things that my family and I have been dealing with lately. There’s just too much of them, it seems, that sometimes, I feel like I can no longer catch up even with my own self. Writing them on my journal, however, helps me process these thoughts, understand myself better, and help me respond better to situations too.

listening to the sound coming from the TV program my youngest daughter’s watching. Weekend nights are movie nights, in which we would choose a movie to watch online or on DVD. However, since we watched Wonder Woman this afternoon and I really loved the film, I am not prepared to be disappointed by a movie that’s not as good or has characters not as charming as Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

thinking of a certain teenage girl that needs help and how our family, especially my eldest daughter, could help her. She happens to be one of teen’s close friends in 5th and 6th grade at her former school. Apparently,  the girl came from a broken family, lives with her mom’s relatives, and now has to deal with her pregnancy alone. Disowned by her relatives, my heart aches for this child, but I’m not sure how we could help her except pray for her at the moment. I guess I will just have to listen to my Wonder Woman instincts, at the same time, remind myself that I cannot save everyone, in case things don’t turn out to be a happy ending for everyone.

wishing I have super powers like Wonder Woman and stop the terrorists from creating chaos everywhere too, starting in Marawi.

hoping to be more organized in the coming week(s). I see clutter starting to pile up again in one area of the house, and I just have to stop it from spreading or becoming a mountain. You know what I mean, don’t you? Somehow, I am both a filer and a piler, i.e., I let things pile up first before I file them away. Lol.

loving the fact that it’s Independence Day tomorrow, which means I won’t have to feel so guilty if we don’t homeschool like crazy on a Monday before Lil Sis’s portfolio presentation. We still have lessons to finish until the end of this month, but I would really just like to have a day of rest. The week has been full of errands and the past 2–3 weeks were even busier for all us, with the DVBS at church, the girls’ Milo chess clinic, which will resume in July, including chess tournament(s), weekly Glorious Hope seminars, OLSAT, Disney Premiere audition, etc. I have not even started meeting with the graphic artist who’s supposed to design my business logo!

wanting to reach out to my in-laws and finally, stop the cycle of dysfunction and hurt in the family, their family. I may not see fully its effects clearly yet, but I have a feeling that the situation’s affecting my children much more than they admit or allow me to see. However, staying away from them seems to work best for now too. More, I honestly don’t see any good that has come out of being close to them in the past either, especially in my eldest child’s behavior.

needing to start taking concrete steps in turning my ideas and dreams into a reality. I would like our family to travel to more countries and beautiful places in the Philippines, be totally debt free, start my own business, finalize agreements with prospective clients, get certified as an ESL instructor and digital marketer, as well as plan the next homeschool year so I would have more time to spend with my girls enjoying every moment with them and still be productive in other areas. Oh, did I tell you? I recently just got certified by Smartling as a translator.

feeling tired but happy. I got to see some of my friends from GCFSM Yuppies earlier for lunch and got to watch my childhood superhero Wonder Woman on the big screen at ATC today, which you already know. I’m also feeling very proud of our friends RJ and Lika for how they are allowing God to use them to minister to the Filipino youth in the Middle East. Please help me pray for their own safety and everyone in their ministry, as well as for other missionaries.

enjoying this time that I am able to use my laptop again to blog. I simply have so many things on my mind, including recent (wonderful) experiences, that I want to document digitally (and share), and I’m glad I am able to do that right now after weeks of inactivity online, or at least, on this site. There’s still a good number of articles in the drafts folder that I need to finish though!

praying for our family friends who need prayers, including our relatives working in the Middle East, and the soldiers deployed in Marawi, Mindanao, who are currently engaged in a battle against terrorists (the Maute group), as well as the innocents who are caught in the middle.

thanking the LORD that we are able to worship Him freely from where we are now and that my family and I are able to live a rather normal life, i.e., away from terrorist attacks and wars.

I am also thanking the LORD that my niece, who is taking up medicine and is a consistent dean’s lister in med school, is graduating this month, with big hospitals offering her internship. Weeks ago, she was so worried that she might not get into a decent government hospital, especially after seeing red tape at work. I even started contacting my friends in the medical field to see if anyone could help, all the while I was telling her to pray and trust in herself and in God. Oh, the power of prayers!  ❤


(Image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman by

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