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The 30-day Praise Challenge for Parents

It’s been a year now since I have started to homeschool my daughters. They were already 12 and 10 years old, respectively, when we embarked on this journey that would change our family life forever. We encountered so many challenges along the way and there were days when I would end up getting very frustrated, even depressed, especially when things don’t go according to plans.

On the other hand, the past year had also been a time of awakening for me. Since we are homeschooling, I have come to know my children more and have fully discovered the extent of my own weaknesses, it seems. I have realized how much I have hurt them in so many ways, how I have not always been a good parent to them, as well as how I have not always been a good wife to my husband, regardless if he is away from us. With the help of Glorious Hope, a 20-Saturday seminar that aims to “help liberate families from the bondage of destructive hurts, habits, and hangups through our LORD Jesus Christ”, I have come to discover more about myself and I am learning now how to deal with my past without further hurting any of my loved ones.

Now that my family and I are in the healing period, I am all the more grateful that we are homeschooling. Since we are always together, that makes it rather easy for us not only to get to know each other more, but also to forgive one another, heal together, and move on toward becoming the family and individuals that God meant for us to be.

As I continue to try to win back fully my children’s confidence and affection and become a better mom (and wife) myself, I have decided to take up the 30-day Praise Challenge for Parents. It is a challenge based on a book with the same title by Becky Harling. What makes this even more challenging for me is the fact that I prefer to read books in one sitting, or for no more than two days if I can help it. This would require then a lot of discipline on my part, not to mention that I have not even been able to update my blog or write in my journal on a regular basis, and this challenge would require some writing. Daily.

And so, my 30-day praise challenge begins now. Each day begins with a Bible verse, followed by The Invitation, which is supposed to be a letter for the parent from God based on various Bible verses, then comes a list of praise songs under Listen, Pray next, and finally, Journal, which lists tasks for the parent to complete. I shall only be writing in my posts the main Bible verse and my response to the tasks. I shall divide the 30-day praise challenge into six posts, i.e., with five days each, updating them every day. That way, I won’t crowd this site with a single type of blog post.

Do pray that I would be able to do the tasks daily prayerfully and wholeheartedly, so that my children and I would truly benefit from it and make us a (bigger) blessing to others. Thank you. Hopefully, the countdown I have set up on this blog would prove to be very useful too. 😉

If you are also a parent, would you join me in this challenge, please? It would really be nice to know that someone else is embarking on the same journey. I would be happy to encourage you, too! ❤


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