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Days 6–10: The 30-day Praise Challenge for Parents

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Day 6

7 July 2017

I wait for you, O LORD; You will answer, O LORD my God. – Psalm 38:15

Journal: In what areas of your child’s life are you having difficulty waiting for God to act? How might praising God during your waiting period quiet your heart?

I tend to forget that my daughters are still very young children, no matter how smart they are, how tall they’ve grown, or how many things they can already accomplish by themselves. Sometimes I would treat them like adults and would feel exasperated when they start throwing tantrums because they can’t seem to do what I expect from them. I guess I expect God to make them wiser and more mature in a snap, especially when our family’s going through tough times. I know that doesn’t really make sense, and this exercise is making me see how immature and irrational I really have been during those times.

When I get impatient with my children, I’d rather praise God for giving me such wonderful kids who really are far wiser and abler than many kids their age. Indeed, they have already accomplished a lot of things, young as they are, and I must not forget that they have a childhood to enjoy, that they have every right to act like a child because they are still a child.

Children are a blessing, and I praise God for giving me the privilege to parent the young girls He has entrusted to me. I am thankful that my kids rely on me, trust me to take care of them, love them, and provide for their needs. I have seen and heard of families, where the children have already started relying on themselves simply because the parents who are supposed to take care for them have failed miserably in that area and they could no longer trust them. I see now how blessed I am and  I pray that I would always be a loving, understanding, and responsible parent to my daughters.

When I start praising God, my worries become of little importance and I see how inconsequential are my thoughts. When I entrust to Him my daughters, I become certain that they will turn out great. They may go through tough times, but instead of worrying that my children might be overwhelmed by negative emotions or fear, I am positive that my girls would overcome and emerge victoriously, knowing God has a wonderful plan for each of them.

* * * * *

Day 7

8 July 2017

For great is Your love, higher than the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the skies.  – Psalm 108:4

Journal: If your child has experienced rejection recently, write a prayer to God expressing your feelings with the most honest language you can muster. Then write a prayer of praise for how God will turn the rejection around for good in your child’s life.

Dear LORD, I have seen on my teenage daughter’s face how disappointed she was when she didn’t pass the audition for Disney Premiere, and my heart ached to see it. It has been a month since it happened, and I have no idea how she feels now about it. I have prayed then for You to help her cope with the rejection that she must have felt. I know that there will be other tests or auditions that she would come across in her life, and I pray that each time she does not get her expected results, she would turn to You for comfort and remember that she is Your child and love her unconditionally.

Please give me wisdom that I would also be able to help her and her sister see how precious and talented they are, and that they should never base their worth on the number of accolades they receive from winning various tests or competitions. Enable me to help them discover, hone, and use their talents well to serve and empower others, improve lives, and give glory to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

* * * * *

Day 8

9 July 2017



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