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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 28: The one where I started writing this again

It’s been a while since I last wrote a Sunday Currently post. I opted to discontinue doing it for some weeks because I no longer wrote anything for a time except about my Sundays. A lot of unfinished (travel) stories and articles remain in my drafts folder, waiting to be completed and polished and posted, and in a way, writing only for The Sunday Currently has kept me further from finally getting those things published. But here I am now, back at it, because wouldn’t you know it, I actually missed writing on Sunday nights!

reading the drafts my daughters have each written for their respective books. Oh, you have no idea how proud I am of them! Speaking of books, I still need to revise my husband’s book too, which has already been published online via Amazon and will soon be in paperback. I guess I’m the only one in the family not writing a book because my role is to read, edit, and get their books published.

writing this. Like I said, I actually missed The Sunday Currently. Weekends have been the busiest days of the week for me lately–more than ever–and usually, after coming home from church and malling with my girls, I would go straight to bed to nap before preparing dinner and watching movies online with the family.

listening to our adopted Alaskan malamute play with the water in his tub just outside the girls’ bedroom. Today has been a very warm day and I cannot blame him. I wish we have a bathtub too. I’d probably soak in it for hours, maybe sleep in it too!

thinking how I could really start saving. I have decided to postpone my upcoming 40th birthday celebration with the whole family in Singapore until next summer. I’d like our house to be in a much better shape by Christmas. I’d like our bathroom renovated (again), and have the whole house repainted. It’s been almost four years since we had the renovation, but I feel like the house is so old already, especially that there are still some areas that were not touched during its 2013 renovation.

smelling coffee. Since the weather has been very warm today, I didn’t have any until this evening. Why didn’t I think of having ice cold coffee in the morning, anyway?

wishing I’m slim again. Like any amount of wishing could do that! I looked through my wedding photo album last night, searching for a picture of my niece who just turned 19, and I wished I were that slim and young bride again in the photos. Ooh, well, one at a time, I guess, but I’ll certainly have an improved look before my birthday.

hoping to start our new homeschool year with a bang! And by that I mean having a much more organized homeschool classes, which would mostly depend on me, I’m afraid. We already bought the usual school supplies and the girls now each has her own study table, but we still yet to enroll before the month ends, as well as buy books for this new school year too. Hopefully, I’d be able to find really good ones at a bargain price at the upcoming Manila International Book Fair, which starts on Thursday.

wearing one of my denim shorts because I haven’t done my laundry yet. It’s certainly not as comfortable as my usual house shorts, but it will do for now, or until I have washed my clothes, which I have scheduled for tomorrow.

loving the color of my toe nails–midnight blue. I’ve been doing my own pedicure lately, and I think I’m finally getting better at it. I wonder what happened to the lady who used to come to our house to do my mani-pedi. I no longer see her in the neighborhood. She owed me two or three sessions (already paid), which I told her to just give to my in-laws, who were her regular clients too.

wanting to hug and kiss my husband now. As I’m writing this, I’m watching him fall asleep via Facetime. We’re not exactly talking; I am enjoying the companionable silence we have now, rather. I wish we’re together together now.

needing to be more organized and seriously stop procrastinating. I think it’s the only negative habit that I really need to overcome now. Through Glorious Hope, controlling my temper is no longer an issue so far, but having that focus and determination to finish the things I have started is something else. I easily get distracted and when ideas start coming to me, I just have to let go of everything else, write them down, and start creating a plan.

feeling accomplished after finally cleaning out the master’s bedroom. It actually took me weeks to sort through all the papers, including tons of receipts, that have accumulated in our room. In our house, paper is certainly the number one source of clutter.

praying for better health, wisdom, as well as continued provisions and protection not only for my family and me, but for my dear friends and relatives too, especially my eldest brother and his kids. Yes, please do pray for his and his children’s protection, and that his foolish ex-wife would finally come to her senses and desire to be a good mother, at least.

thanking God for all His blessings, especially for the good friends He had put in my life. ❤

(Featured image by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash)

The Sunday Currently was popularized by SIDDATHORNTON. I have included praying and thanking to the original list, though. Join The Sunday Currently link-up at siddathornton.

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