Month: November 2017

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Money Matters

(Featured image by on Unsplash) They say that the number one cause of disagreement between husbands and wives is money. Although I believe that to be true for many households, I can’t say that it’s the number one reason my husband and I have disagreements. I must admit, however, that talks about money tend to make me feel anxious, especially when my kids would repeatedly ask me to buy them certain stuff or enroll them in special courses, and I have to say no for budget reasons. Lately, I have started to take a closer look at my spending habits and why I’d feel anxious whenever my husband and I would have money talks even when I know deep inside that he’d always try his best to be gracious to me. One particular incident that led me to it was when I started to sense that as I let the days went by not enrolling my children, my husband has also started to get more restless and irritable. He could not understand why I had to wait …