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My Mom’s Day Out Experience at Commercenter Alabang

(featured image by Tanner Mardis on Unsplash)

Early this week, I got invited to participate in Commercenter’s Mom’s Day Out 2 event. The invitation was extended to me through my good friend/blogger mentor Millette Sison of Lucky Finds. I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen since it would be my first time to join other south mommy bloggers for a mom’s day out activity, but I was excited to attend, nevertheless. After all, it’s been a while since I last attended a bloggers’ event, and one that’s supposedly exclusive to moms at that. Moreover, I would like another reason to visit Commercenter aside from accompanying my husband to his post-Lasik surgery checkups at Asian Eye Institute or attending a seminar-workshop at Launchpad Coworking.

After being welcomed and handed gifts from Commercenter as well as Stella Artois and Hoegaarden Beer, we were briefed on the day’s itinerary and grouped into two. We were to visit various shops at Commercenter and get to know their products and services by trying them ourselves.


I was assigned to join the first group and our first stop was at Fringe Salon, although I came in a little late. After touring the facility and getting informed of the various services they offer, we were asked to pick a service to try from three options: shampoo with blow-dry, hair spa, or foot massage with cleaning. I chose the hair spa, and I’m so glad I did! I felt really good about my hair when it’s done. Alex attended me all throughout the process, from shampooing to hair spa application and blow-dry. He seemed very professional and friendly.

Fringe Salon, located on the ground floor of Commercenter

Classy indeed, but at an affordable price

There were five things I noticed that makes Fringe Salon quite different from the other salons I’ve visited, though: 1) the place looks really classy as if it’s located in some 4- or 5-star hotel and not at the mall, 2) even if the place looks expensive, their pricing was at par with the salons we normally see at other malls; 3) unlike most salons, they have a room for those who would like to have their hair and makeup done in private; 4) they have a private suite where one could enjoy a massage, jacuzzi, and body scrub; and 5) apparently, at Fringe Salon, only one attendant does the job of two persons, that is, they don’t have a shampoo/blow-dry girl to assist the hairdresser. The latter instead does everything by him/herself and does it efficiently at that. I suppose that’s what makes Fringe Salon’s service more personal than the other salons––you get the full attention of your hairdresser and you never have to feel like you’re being passed on from one person to another.

Millette Sison of Lucky Finds and other mommy/food bloggers enjoying the different services offered by Fringe Salon

Not only does Fringe Salon offer hair and makeup services as well as hand and foot care/spa, but also a body scrub with massage and use of jacuzzi

A room dedicated to those who would like to have their hair and makeup done in private

Quality hair products that you may buy directly from Fringe Salon


Got treated to a hair spa, courtesy of Alex

Our second stop was at a Japanese restaurant called Kessaku, where we were treated to a scrumptious lunch. At this point, both groups have rejoined. However, since I was a little late, some of the dishes had been served already and I didn’t get to see how they looked like before getting portioned or scooped onto someone’s plate. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the food and appreciated the service, especially when they served us additional plates of Salmon Belly Aburi, Sunset Roll, California Maki, and Yakitori Sampler. I also got to try Ebi Tempura and Angus Prime Chahan, as well as their Crispy Banana with Mango Ice Cream for dessert. The only thing I ordered was Lulu’s Dalandan Shake, although even that was on the house.

I was kinda mesmerized by Kessaku’s food presentation that I was both excited to taste each dish, at the same time, just wanted to look at it and take photos of it. (You do know what I mean, right?) The California Maki and Sunset Roll caught my attention, in particular, and I must say that their taste certainly matched their appearance. They were bursting with flavors that only left me craving for more. Of course, the other dishes were delish, too!

California Maki


Salmon Belly Aburi



Sunset Roll

Yakitori Sampler

The wagyu in the Yakitori Sampler and Salmon Belly Aburi, in particular, were certainly the melt-in-your-mouth kind. Their Crispy Banana with Mango Ice Cream had just the right amount of sweetness, and their Dalandan Shake was truly refreshing.

Lulu’s Dalandan Shake


Watermelon Shake

Aagh! I still feel a little guilty that I enjoyed all those dishes without my husband and our girls with me. Hopefully, I could visit the place again with them, especially when the husband comes home for Christmas vacation soon.


Crispy Banana with Mango Ice Cream

Our next stop was the Oppein showroom. We learned that Oppein is a leading brand in China and is the largest cabinet manufacturer in Asia, and they use German technology. They offer customized kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom cabinets, etc. We were able to check out some of their products, which only left me dreaming of a better kitchen though, I’m afraid. Well, at least I know now where to go when that day comes.

After visiting Oppein, we went to Centro Holisitico Integrative Health and Wellness clinic. It was already mid-afternoon and by this time, there were only two members left in our group––Ate Millette and me––since the rest had to leave early, whereas the members of the other group were off to other shops. At Centro Holistico, we were given an option to avail one of their services or receive a gift check for later use. Both my friend and I opted to try their services right then and there and get the relaxation we needed. I tried their acupuncture while my friend had their IV Nutrient Therapy.

A relaxing area for those availing the IV Nutrient Therapy

Tiny rooms separated by curtains like this one are reserved for acupuncture patients

A close family friend had once recommended acupuncture to me before. She said it really helps relax both the body and mind. I have not forgotten what she had told me, obviously, plus I’ve always been curious how it would feel. I initially thought of just taking the gift certificate and giving it to my husband, but my own curiosity won me over.

Needles on my scalp and forehead, most likely to keep migraine and sinusitis away

Thirteen needles in all for all my health concerns

Dr. Frances “Fran” Bernardino attended me. She was very friendly, bubbly, and patient in answering my questions. She easily put me at ease, not to mention she was very thorough in getting my medical history, asking a lot of questions to make sure I didn’t leave out any vital information. The acupuncture lasted for only 30 minutes, i.e., after the needles were stuck to my scalp, forehead, hand, legs, and feet. There were needles from my head to toes because I tend to experience a migraine, sinusitis, insomnia, especially whenever I would go for weeks or months without taking my Pharmanex food supplements, not to mention I have a history of peripheral neuropathy.

It’s been two days now since I had the acupuncture, and I still feel energized. The stiff spots on both of my legs were finally gone that I no longer feared experiencing muscle cramps as I sleep in the middle of the night. And, even if I failed to mention to Dr. Bernardino the muscle strain on the back of my neck and shoulders, that’s actually the first thing I noticed that was gone after the acupuncture.

The procedure wasn’t painful at all, or at least, not until a needle was stuck to my left leg, the one that’s more prone to muscle cramps. It really hurt when I moved my leg, since the needle was pinned to a muscle. Dr. Bernardino explained that most of the blockage is found in the legs, so they tend to be the most sensitive part of the body.

Centro Holistico is a full-wellness facility, operated by medical doctors who integrate Eastern and Western medical principles in their practice. Aside from acupuncture for different purposes, they also offer holistic medical consultation with live blood analysis, functional and lifestyle consultation, colon cleanse, alternatinve cancer treatment (IV therapy, etc. For more information, you may visit centroholisticoph.com or email centroholistico.ph@gmail.com.

Our last stop was Evolve, a fitness studio that basically offers yoga classes. We were able to watch briefly from afar an ongoing class, but we were not allowed to take photos of it or get close to the group. We were each given a class pass, however, which we can use to try any of their yoga classes at another time.

Evolve offers Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin  Yoga among others. For beginners like me, there’s Gentle Flow, which I intend to try in January. Surprisingly, their rates are actually quite affordable, particularly the Intro class! You may visit evolve.com.ph for their class schedule and other info.

That concludes my Moms Day Out 2 experience, and I certainly had a great time! Our group was only able to visit five of the establishments at Commercenter (due to time constraint and sudden changes in the schedule of some of our sponsors), but that doesn’t mean that that’s all you would find there. Commercenter certainly has more in store for every member of the family. In fact, every time I visit this lifestyle mall, I discover something new that I would always want to go back and explore it some more.

Aside from trying yoga at Evolve and getting a body scrub + massage at Fringe Salon, I’m looking forward to going to Commercenter’s cinema with my family. I heard that it’s quite famous for making one feel like he/she is attending a premiere night when watching movies there. ❤

Commercenter Moms Day Out 2 is organized by Commercenter and Zomato Philippines, and is sponsored by Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Fringe Salon, Kessaku Alabang, Oppein, Evolve Yoga, Bridgestone, Centro Holistico, and Asian Center for Dental Specialties (ACDS) Alabang. 


P.S. Thanks to Hoegaarden and Stella Artois, the husband (L) and our good friend got to enjoy a night even before they left the house to meet with their other friends.

P.P.S. I wish I could say I was able to try Fringe Salon’s other services, particularly their massage and spa, as well as Evolve’s Gentle Flow yoga, but obviously, I can’t. I lost the gift cert from Evolve whereas Fringe won’t let me use my expired gift cert regardless of RA 10962. Anyway, if you do get the chance to try their services yourself, do share your experience, will you? Thanks 🙂


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