Year: 2018

Asthmatic kid no more

Tips to help care for your asthmatic child


The Sunday Currently, Vol. 29

reading Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life right after Barely Above Water. The former is more of a self-help book written by mommy blogger/social media influencer/homeschool parent/SAHM Ruth Soukup, whereas the latter is a Christian romance novel that tackles Chronic Lyme Disease, also by an award-winning Christian writer and swimmer, Gail Palotta. Both books are very informative, encouraging, and suitable for light reading. writing about homeschool requirements and various lists and quizzes that my daughters need to complete before our portfolio review on the 27th. I’m starting to get really nervous about this, and mostly because ooops! I did it again. That is, I have not started recording my daughters’ grades and I will have to go through all their textbooks and notebooks and essays again for their grades. listening to the chirping of birds perched on our window sill. I suppose this is the only thing I really liked about living in the suburb (or a new city, I should say). We’re close to the metropolis, yet we get to enjoy and experience some …