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Asthmatic kid no more

Do you have any idea how stressful it is to have a child who both has respiratory and skin asthma? Trust me, it’s something you would not want to see any child suffer from, perhaps not even your enemy’s helpless child.

I knew the likelihood that my daughters would inherit my husband’s health issues particularly respiratory and skin asthma, would be high, so I tried my best to minimize the impact on our girls. I guess you could say I was successful with my firstborn, but not as much with my youngest child.

During my first pregnancy, I read a lot of books and online articles on pregnancy, and that’s how I learned how proper diet could keep my baby from acquiring allergies and illnesses that are supposed to run in the family. I ate almost nothing but homecooked meals during my first pregnancy and avoided foods with too much salt and sugar and contained food color. My husband also helped by regulating the amount of chocolate I ate, knowing that I couldn’t resist them. I didn’t taste cola, coffee, and junk foods, save for French fries, almost the whole nine months and even when I was breastfeeding my baby.

Thankfully, Big Sis came out really healthy and lean and has no known food allergies to this day. On the other hand, things were much different when I was pregnant with Lil Sis. I was working then as a customer service representative on a night shift, most of the time, that is, and I had hyperemesis gravidarum which was a lot more severe than when I was pregnant with Big Sis. I had to be confined several times throughout my pregnancy and was even put on bed rest for a month or so.

I couldn’t keep a food down, especially homecooked meals or any healthy food for that matter. The doctor decided that I should just eat anything and gave me supplements for any nutritional deficiency I might have. Interestingly, it’s fast food meals that my baby seemed to like best. I wasn’t all that surprised then when Lil Sis showed signs of having skin asthma when she was barely a month old as well as respiratory asthma when she was a toddler.

You see, my husband and his brother both have asthma. And I mean the kind that would really keep you awake and make you rush to the hospital the minute it strikes. They almost never have mild asthma attacks. Unfortunately, my youngest daughter, along with their artistic skills and sense of humor, had inherited the disease.

Now, can you imagine rushing to the hospital alone with two very young kids because your husband’s working abroad and you have no relatives or friends nearby or a hired help who could assist you, or at least look after one of the kids while you bring the other to ER, especially in the middle of the night? What about being very excited about serving your kids a new recipe only to find out that it could cost the life of your child because she happens to be allergic to one or more of its ingredients?

Such was life for us before I wisened up. I started looking for ways to keep asthma attacks at bay, learned to identify the food items and other circumstances that could trigger them, taught my daughters how to read food labels and which foods or food ingredients to avoid almost as soon as they learned to read, not to mention I was in constant search for food supplements that might help.


It was a huge blessing for me then when I got invited to a Nu Skin seminar and the participants were asked to share their favorite Nu Skin products.  A certain father shared about Jungamals and I instantly got interested in it. Apparently, he also had an asthmatic child and the said food supplement for kids had been a huge help in countering asthma attacks and other illnesses. Basically, this is because Jungamals happens to be very effective in strengthening a child’s immune system, and a strong immune system means higher resistance against illnesses, even allergies, it seems.

Needless to say, I didn’t hesitate to let my daughters try Jungamals too. (Okay, I must admit – I was ready to try any product that’s backed by scientific research, and Jungamals happens to be one). In less than a week, Lil Sis was able to eat eggs without showing signs of allergies. Every one to two weeks, I re-introduced foods that she used to avoid because they could trigger her skin and/or respiratory asthma. In two months, she was able to consume not only eggs, but also chicken, peanuts, peanut butter, and certain seafood. We continue to avoid foods and skin products that contain FD&C Yellow 5 (often found in chips and flavored drinks), however, particularly because they’re simply unhealthy and could still sometimes cause her allergies, probably depending also on the amount the product manufacturer used.

I’ve been recommending Jungamals to my mom friends, not only to those with asthmatic kids. Big Sis isn’t asthmatic but she also benefited from it by having a stronger immune system. She used to have flu several times a year, but since she started taking Jungamals, she (and her sister) almost never got sick anymore. In fact, I tend to end up throwing away unopened or barely used cough and fever medicines because they have expired without being used up. And I wouldn’t call that a waste!

From 2012 to 2015, my daughters took Jungamals almost every single day of their lives. That must have cost us about PHP15,000 a year then, but I’d say it’s worth it. After three years of taking it, they started to lessen their intake as they finally got tired of its taste and no amount of cajoling could make them take more than two tablets a day unless they felt like they’re going to be sick. Then they started taking it every other day or so.

These days, they rarely take Jungamals anymore, though I try to make sure that we always got one, if not another food supplement by Nu Skin|Pharmanex that they could take when their immune system particularly needs some boosting or when they start feeling lethargic. I understand that asthma may recur in some cases, but even if that would happen to Lil Sis, I am confident now that we’ll be able to manage it better.

How about you? What’s your secret to both keeping your kids healthy and asthma-free?

Let me know if you’d also like to have your kids try Jungamals or other Nu Skin| Pharmanex food supplements for yourself. I’d be happy to share with you how to get them at a discounted price, too. ❤

To know more about Jungamals, you may visit

(Featured image by ANDRIK LANGFIELD PETRIDES on Unsplash)


  1. It makes me thankful that my pregnancies didn’t have complications save for my 3rd which I had to have bed rest for because of stress which was my bad. I like it when bloggers refer products based on their own experience and as an honest testament to the product.


  2. Two of my boys have asthma. Thank God now that they are big boys na, wala ng asthma attacks. When they were little pa talaga, I just couldn’t take it when they cry because of that difficulty in breathing especially if they also have cough.

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  3. Dati akala ko ang asthma, parang simpleng ubo’t sipon lang. Until I heard scary stories about it. I’m glad you found a supplement to help your child deal with her asthma.

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    • Akala ko rin dati ganun until a family friend who had asthma since childhood died in his 30s because of it. 😦 Good thing there are organizations now that are truly committed to doing extensive research and developing products that could help us fight off such diseases. 🙂


  4. May De Jesus-Palacpac says

    PHP 1,250/month isn’t that bad. i would imagine our expense for jungamal to be 3x that because we have 3 kids. pero pagdating sa kids health, it’s always worth spending on. mas mahal ang magkasakit.

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  5. Good job on this- I didn’t taste cola, coffee, and junk foods, save for French fries, almost the whole nine months and even when I was breastfeeding my baby. I had HG also with my first baby.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. I couldn’t stand the thought of having my child suffer from asthma when I could do something about it. That’s what motivated me, I guess. 🙂


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