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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 30: The one where I wish I could be Ms. Organized again

reading Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life right after Barely Above Water. The former is more of a self-help book written by mommy blogger/social media influencer/homeschool parent/SAHM Ruth Soukup, whereas the latter is a Christian romance novel that tackles Chronic Lyme Disease, also by an award-winning Christian writer and swimmer, Gail Palotta. Both books are very informative, encouraging, and suitable for light reading.

writing about homeschool requirements and various lists and quizzes that my daughters need to complete before our portfolio review on the 27th. I’m starting to get really nervous about this, and mostly because ooops! I did it again. That is, I have not started recording my daughters’ grades and I will have to go through all their textbooks and notebooks and essays again for their grades.

listening to the chirping of birds perched on our window sill. I suppose this is the only thing I really liked about living in the suburb (or a new city, I should say). We’re close to the metropolis, yet we get to enjoy and experience some of the sights and sounds of birds during daytime and crickets at night.

thinking about the movie we watched this weekend: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. It’s a science fantasy story that was written in 1960’s and explored the possibility of traveling to another dimension using the tesseract. The book was actually part of my teen’s reading list when she was in 7th grade, which I have also ready myself and thoroughly enjoyed. We’ve been very excited to see it since we found out last year that it was going to be a movie, and we were not disappointed. We have initially planned on watching it with our homeschool play and learn group last Tuesday, but unfortunately, they have moved the playdate to give way to Oscar-nominated films.

smelling cherry lemonade. I just had one, actually!

wishing I were (more) organized these days. Seriously, what happened to that girl that was named Ms. Organized by her high school batch? Sometimes, I really wonder if I were the same person at all. I have stopped being an OC, but I fear that I have gone to the other extreme. Well, almost.

hoping to finish all my deliverables for this month. I could beat myself up for saying yes, even volunteering to a lot of tasks. Now that deadlines are near, I am starting to get stressed out. In the past, that could only mean two things: either I stop doing anything at all and go into withdrawal or lose sleep just to meet the deadlines. I’d rather not go through either of those again.

wearing clothes handed to me by my late mother. They make me look so uncoordinated, but they’re comfortable.

loving my kids to the moon and back ❤

wanting to give the cleaning lady I hired last Saturday a piece of my mind if she ever shows up again at our doorstep. I can’t believe that after paying her much higher (PHP500 instead of the usual PHP350) than any other cleaning lady we’ve ever had, letting her eat (our food) as much as she wanted, letting her take a rest anytime she felt the need, even giving her a pair of rarely used rubber shoes and denim skirt for her daughter(s) that we could have sold or donated to an orphanage, I discovered that she actually didn’t do her job properly. Dust covered the inside of the punch bowl; she only wiped the outside instead of washing the whole thing. Nooks and crannies were also covered with dust and she simply rearranged some items on the shelves to make it look like she’s done cleaning them. What would you do to someone like her?

needing to remember to prioritize the rocks over pebbles, sands, and water. You are familiar with that story, aren’t you? I was reminded of it as I was reading Ruth Soukup’s book: Living Well Spending Less.

feeling relaxed physically, but mentally cramming. Does that make sense?

praying that all will be well for my daughters’ upcoming portfolio review. Why did I choose Homeschool Global as our homeschool curriculum provider again? Oh, yes, because they conduct quarterly portfolio reviews among others.

thanking God for restoring my relationship with my teen and for the opportunity to homeschool both of my girls because I have been blessed with a loving and supportive husband, who also happens to be a good provider. ❤


(Featured image from wallpapersite.com… because I really liked the movie, A Wrinkle in Time, and I’d like to remember it by posting a photo of its actors here)


The Sunday Currently is a link-up started by siddathornton.blogspot.com. I have, however, altered it a little by including praying and thanking to the list. Feel free to comment below your own Sunday Currently post so I could visit it too. 🙂

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