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Finding merits in online dating

{Sponsored post} My husband and I met at the church, and after several times of bumping into each other, we finally took notice of one another. We agreed to go through a (traditional) courtship when we became certain that we were attracted to each other and started seriously considering marriage. When he was courting me, he would visit me at my parents’ house, bring me food and flowers at work, write me letters, spend time getting to know some of my friends and family members, take me out on dates, do volunteer work with me at church, call me on the phone and send me text messages several times each day, and so on. Having enjoyed all those things, I never really considered how things could work with couples who go for online dating that I was really intrigued when two of my friends shared with me how they met their life partners online. One of them is happily married now for nearly ten years, while the other is currently engaged and is soon to be married.

As I listened to their stories, there were a few things that I have learned about online dating that changed my views toward online dating sites and online dating in general. First, online dating sites are not such a bad place at all to meet one’s potential life partner. Just like with my two girlfriends, one could obviously meet his/her soulmate or God’s best through online dating sites. And, if you must know, I find my friends and their respective partners’ commitment to each other admirable.

Second, online dating sites are really just a venue for meeting a potential life partner. If you think about it, that doesn’t make it that much different from meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse for the first time on the subway, a restaurant, college, church, class reunion, etc. save for the fact that you don’t actually get to come physically close to him/her and hear his/her voice right away. But that’s not really a big deal, is it?


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Third, online dating sites are as safe as one wants it to be. Although it may be likened to a blind date, you can actually ignore, block, or report the person if he/she starts to annoy you, and that won’t be taken against you at all. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about getting followed to your home or place of work unlike when you’re actually on a blind date with someone you do not really know and that person happens to have other motives.

With online dating sites, you don’t even have to give your mobile number so you could communicate with one another, either. You simply go to the dating website and leave messages for each other there or agree to chat at a specific time and day. With this in mind, you could certainly take as much time as you want in getting to know the person before you decide to actually see him/her in person or even on live video chat.

In the case of my soon-to-be-married friend, she met several guys first and had to ignore and/or block certain individuals in the process before she found her Mr. Right. Since she didn’t get to spend much time with any of the other guys, she didn’t have the baggage of emotional attachment as she tried to stay away from them, saving herself from unnecessary heartaches. Now that’s a real plus, don’t you think?

Fourth, with online dating sites, there’s a good chance that you would meet someone you’ll really like. One gets to choose certain chat rooms or categories where he/she would like to meet somebody after all. That being said, you can be certain that there will always be something that you can talk about and lessen the chance of annoying each other. If you don’t end up meeting someone you would date for the rest of your life, it’s possible that you would at least gain a friend.

In the case of my already married friend, she and her husband met at a Christian Dating site. In their initial conversations, they talked about their church affiliations, ministry involvements or volunteer works, faith, and more. Although they weren’t seriously looking for a life partner at the online dating site––they were just urged by certain friends and family members to try it out––they still ended up becoming friends and marrying each other later on.

One particular dating site that provides such a category or chat room is We Love Dates. Aside from Christian Dating, they also have Over 50s Dating, Non-smoker Dating, Fitness Dating, and Travel Dating among others. Moreover, one may choose to start dating someone online from specific areas, like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, United States, South Africa, and so on. Other categories or parameters you may set, depending on the online dating site you choose, may include race, age, hobbies, the color of hair, etc.


(Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash)

Going back to my friends’ stories, I was reminded that if it’s the person God has in mind for you, it wouldn’t matter where or how you actually meet. Besides, that doesn’t mean a couple can no longer pursue a traditional courtship or a godly relationship just because they met through an online dating site. I am actually happy to share that my two girlfriends enjoyed the same kind of courtship that I had with my husband. (They didn’t just date online, of course!) Indeed, an online dating site, such as We Love Dates, could also be a proper venue for meeting one’s Mr. or Mrs. Right. How you make things work would still be up to the two of you. ❤

(Featured image by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash)

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