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Dating for couples in LDR

{Sponsored post} I’ve always liked the idea of going out on a date –– with my husband, of course. Dating relaxes me and makes me forget about either work or chores waiting for me at home and allow me to connect with my husband, just have fun, and enjoy his undivided attention. When my husband and I were still in courtship, he would regularly take me out on dates for us to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company. Even after we got married, we would still go out on dates. But now that he’s working in another country, dating, of course, has become a huge challenge to us as a couple. You could probably even say that it’s almost unheard of now that we are in a long distance relationship.


Hence, one of the things that I always look forward to whenever he’s home or whenever I would visit him (with our girls) in Singapore is going out on a date with him. I would make sure that we would go to a place or do something together that we would definitely enjoy, at the same time, allow us to talk to each other without interruption. It doesn’t matter if we would be gone for just an hour or two, so long as we could get some time alone. Although, of course, I have to admit that there were times when we just have to go on a date with our girls in tow.

Now, since we are miles away from each other, we have to be more creative and, usually, our only other option to spend quality time with each other is through the use of technology, a.k.a. video calls. We would regularly communicate through Viber, WhatsApp, and FaceTime apps throughout the day. On weekends and at least one evening in a week, we would also spend h-o-u-r-s talking to each other via FaceTime. Sometimes, we would even fall asleep with our chat apps on, not really wanting to say goodbye, especially when we start missing each other like crazy.

And then there are days when we would go on a virtual date. We would pick a movie to watch and see it at the same time––he in Singapore and me in the Philippines (with our daughters). Once the movie’s over, we would either go to a restaurant or go shopping while on FaceTime. We wouldn’t just talk, but we would also show each other our respective surroundings and whatever we fancy buying.


Those activities are truly precious to me. They remind me how important dating is in reinforcing our commitment to each other. It allows us to de-stress and encourages us to communicate lovingly with one another, too. Moreover, it reminds me that with the technology we have these days and the fact that I am in a long distance relationship, dating does not necessarily mean a couple needs to actually be together to spend time with each other. Lastly, going on those virtual dates help set a good example for our kids, that no matter the distance, you and your loved one can find a way to connect with each other.

Are you in a long distance relationship too? How do you make things work out for you and your partner, especially when it comes to dating? Or, are you someone who is yet to try dating, you feel you’re ready to settle down once you meet the right person, but hesitant to date because you’re afraid things won’t work out? Then maybe it’s time for you to visit free dating sites such as Match Me Happy and consider starting there. Remember, two of my girlfriends found their respective Mr. Right (read it here) via free dating sites, so what could not work especially when you are both committed to each other? And, with my husband and myself braving the online world in our long distance relationship year after year, who says it can’t be done? ❤

Featured image by Alex (and other photos) on Unsplash

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