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They remembered, I remembered

It’s my 16th (civil) wedding anniversary today, and obviously, I did not forget about it! More, I’m amazed at how some of my friends remembered it and one even went ahead to create a personalized e-greeting card for my husband and me. What a thoughtful gesture! I bet they’re real motive is to help me not to make a fool of myself again by forgetting my wedding anniversary as I did last year. (Yeah, big deal; that was my 15th after all!)

The personalized e-card our former Yuppies pastor (and his family) had sent to us in the morning before our 16th (civil) wedding anniversary

This time, my husband also made sure to call me early in the morning and greet me, and even asked for our plans for the day. I told him I had reserved a table for three (for our daughters and me, of course) at a Spanish restaurant in Alabang. It was actually one of the steps I’d taken to ensure that I won’t miss celebrating my wedding anniversary again.

However, as the morning progressed, I decided to cancel our reservation and opted to have food delivered instead, courtesy of my husband. Since we’d be getting our meals at a discounted price via Eatigo app, fine print includes no left over or take out; otherwise, we’d be paying the full price. That might not work for us then, especially that Lil Sis doesn’t eat much at all, and my husband agreed. It’s a good thing I was also craving for pizza, so the mister decided we order whatever food we liked, charged to his Mastercard.

One of our favorites that hubby is always willing to send us

I was in a really good mood the whole day and it’s like I’ve never felt better. I’m so happy that I get to redeem myself by not forgetting about my wedding anniversary this time. LOL. The girls were also in their best behavior, or at least they tried. Lil Sis was especially sweet, too. She not only tried to give me a manicure, but also insisted on us going out – her treat.

It’s a good thing that there’s a nice mall just outside our village. It has been our go-to place when we want to take a break or do some celebration without going far from home. This afternoon, we each had our favorite drinks at Starbucks and we even got to bring with us my niece’s dog, which is currently staying with us.

It’s almost bedtime for me now, yet I’m still wondering if I should post something about today on Facebook. I look forward to seeing the memories I make every 21st day of March on social media, and I don’t think my 16th (civil) wedding anniversary should be left out. Moreover, I really am happy and it would be a good opportunity to share some “good vibes”, with those who might still be up at this hour of the night, at least.

By the way, do you know why I’m extra happy today? It’s because 1–2 weeks ago, my marriage was once again put to the test and there were days that my husband and I refused to speak to each other. I had cried out to God to take care of my marriage and my whole family and me, and He answered my prayer like He always does. So now it seems like I have more reasons to celebrate, to be happy about, and to be grateful for, beginning with my marriage. ❤

(Featured image by Liam Shaw on Unsplash)

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