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Discovering Kdrama

Were you ever a fan of Kdrama or Korean drama? Me, never until recently. For years, I have successfully steered clear from watching both Kdramas and Filipino telenovelas. In fact, I don’t watch TV much at all. Mainly because I did not want to get addicted to it, plus there are always better things to do. I don’t even have enough time to get many things done around the house, with homeschool, etc., not to mention there are so many books that I still want to and need to read.

The easiest form of relaxation for me though would be scrolling through my Instagram feed for a few minutes, several times a day or when I start to feel stressed or tired. And, it is through Instagram that I first learned of the Kdrama series What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim or WWWSK… Now I’m hooked.

To be more specific, it started with a certain celebrity mompreneur’s post on Instagram, asking who else had watched What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, sharing how much she liked the series. My first reaction was, “How could she afford to spend time watching Kdramas when she appears to be so busy? More, she doesn’t seem to be the type who would binge on any TV series, either.”

Weeks later, I decided to do something different just to get unstuck, and for some reason, I remembered that little piece of information this celebrity mompreneur shared on Instagram. I looked up WWWSK online and downloaded an app where I could watch it: Viu. Then I discovered that it’s also on iFlix and Netflix, and rewatched it on those apps too. (I somehow forgot that she had mentioned watching it on Netflix.) In short, I’ve watched What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim over and over again, that I could easily identify now photos of Park Seo Joon (and Park Min Young) taken from any scenes in the series.

I’d been asking myself why I was doing it too, and I came up with several reasons. One, because I find WWWSK‘s storyline to be really good, refreshing, and entertaining. It’s fast-paced and didn’t seem to include unnecessary or irritating scenes, too. I couldn’t help comparing it to the local soap operas my mother used to watch, which I seriously considered a waste of time. Admit it, many Filipino soaps tend to drag the story for months, even years. Worse, they would resurrect a villain that has supposedly died several times already, and the storylines tend to be predictable.

Two, because I’m a huge fan of romantic comedies with a little touch of drama, action, or suspense. And WWWSK just happens to fit the bill.

Three, the actors and actresses, especially the lead ones Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young, are simply adorable. My goodness, I didn’t think that at my age (41) I could still be a fangirl, but I am now. Sure, I’ve watched some American soaps, such as Friends and The Mentalist, as well as Full House, Fuller House, The Flash, and Supergirl with LilSis in the past, but I never stayed up late watching them. I used to have a huge crush on Simon Baker of The Mentalist, but I don’t remember ever losing sleep to finish an episode of The Mentalist on Netflix or cable. With WWWSK, however, I just have to finish at least two episodes before going to bed, no matter how late it is (hello, wrinkles!) because doing so makes me feel so relaxed before sleeping.

Last, I may have simply developed a new coping mechanism. I’ve gone through so much stress and grief the past couple of months, and now I feel like I’ve finally found another reason to be happy about however shallow it may seem to others. Going through the social media pages of Park Seo Joon alone somehow gives me a lighter feeling. You may now even call me a certified Jooner (Park Seo Joon fan)!

These days, it’s no longer just WWWSK that entertains me for hours or keeps me company after a tiresome day. I have started watching other Kdramas too, but let me talk about those other programs at another time. ❤

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