Year: 2020

Two in a row

Celebrating my birthday in the middle of the storm

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 34: The one with my 1st wedding anniversary during quarantine and Hashy got sick

Yesterday’s my 17th (civil) wedding anniversary. I didn’t forget this time ––never again since my 15th wedding anniversary, actually –– and my dutiful husband didn’t fail to greet me, either. The morning went smoothly and I was even able to prepare spaghetti bolognese for lunch. This is the first time we’re celebrating our wedding anniversary under lockdown or enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). It doesn’t really feel much different though, since we’re used to celebrating just by ourselves at home. However, by midday, we got an emergency. Our Siberian husky Hashy started howling and seemed to be in pain as she struggled to get up but unable to do so. What was supposed to be a fun and relaxing day turned into a tense and busy day, as we tried to take care of Hashy and worked double time cleaning the yard and dog kennels. This morning, we took Hashy to the vet, and she is now currently confined at the animal clinic. It appears that she has anemia and in need of blood transfusion. Right …