A Musing Mom's Tales, The Sunday Currently
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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 35: The one just like the first volume

It’s the first day of my birth month and it’s a stormy day. Ho-hum! I thought the storm last week would be the last one to hit us, but obviously I was wrong. Come to think of it: around this time every year, storms are rather common but we still tend to be unprepared for them somehow, if not surprised by the damages they would often leave. I wish I have the power to command the storm to just go away just because I am a daughter of God. But whenever I would think that way, I would be reminded of the LORD answering Job out of the storm, and then all I could do is just pray… Anyways, here’s what I’m up to this Sunday currently:

reading M.O.T.I.V.A.T.E. and The Power of the Praying Woman, along with several academic books for our homeschool lessons

writing translations for a specific project as well as lesson plans for the coming week

listening to the laughter of my husband and daughters as they play Among Us with each other. Seriously, their online playmates won’t know what hit them!

thinking about the best way to help my daughters in their respective studies and personal concerns

wishing this storm would go away now and that it would leave very little, if not no damage at all

hoping my eyesight will be fully restored ASAP. I’ve been experiencing blurred and double vision and couldn’t drive these past few weeks. I’ve already seen an optometrist and a neurologist-ophthalmologist recently, and I’m thinking of seeking a third opinion this coming week.

wearing loose blouse and pants in monochromatic colors, which were given by my mother –– certainly the best way to keep me warm and comfy in this cold weather

loving and appreciating my husband more for being more intentional in parenting our girls. He’s been consistently planning our family weekend activities and would join me every weekday morning in conducting the Bible and Character class ❤

wanting to help a lot of people, but financially and physically, I am unable to do so at the moment

needing to do some serious cleaning around the house again as well as financial planning, too

feeling uncertain as to how I would push through with my business plans, or whether I should. I’ve come up with several plans, but after getting sick, I started feeling stuck again.

praying for wisdom, grace, good health, and provisions as we continue to homeschool and navigate daily in this pandemic (and stormy days) among other things

thanking God that my husband has survived the third wave of retrenchment (last Thursday) in their office since the pandemic started, and more

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