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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 36: The one with both goodbye and welcome

reading The Screwtape Letters, Taming Your Family Zoo, and The Power of the Praying Woman still. I’ve been reading at least one chapter a day of each book, and hopefully I’ll be able to finish them all simultaneously soon.

writing down some ideas and rewriting a press release

listening to Christmas carols, especially while I was preparing dinner earlier. After attending the virtual media launch of SM last Friday evening, I became more excited about Christmas and I just wanted to keep listening to Christmas songs.

thinking about the best way to confront certain people about certain issues without them taking things as a personal attack

wishing my husband could come home this Christmas… Because of the pandemic, it won’t be practical for him to come home for the holidays since he would only be spending most of his vacation leave quarantined. More, he’d have to allot extra SGD2,500 for hotel expenses during his quarantine when he gets back to Singapore.

hoping my eyesight will be fully restored ASAP, or at least before my birthday! I just hate having to ask relatives for favors to drive me around. Hiring a freelance driver doesn’t sound like a good option either since there might be no way for me to determine the person’s medical history these past few weeks and months, not to mention I’m not really comfortable having a stranger (or anyone else except my brothers) drive my car.

wearing comfortable clothes as usual

loving how my double chocolate fudge cookies turned out this afternoon –– they were neither over- nor undercooked, and they weren’t too sweet either! You see, I bought a brand new electric oven last summer online via SM’s Call to Deliver, which turned out to be defective. Every thing I baked there at first turned out to be undercooked. I brought it to the authorized service center, only to have everything I cooked in it afterwards become overcooked. I finally decided to return it and good thing SM Sta. Rosa agreed to take it back. They gave me a voucher so I could get a new one of any brand at any of their mall branches. After almost a month, I was able to get a new one, and I’m loving it so far –– no more raw or burnt food! Thank you, SM, for being so considerate and having helpful and attentive staff, especially at SM MOA, where I got my latest oven 🙂

wanting to be able to drive my car again. I enjoy driving, really, and I wish I could go out of town with my daughters on my birthday this coming week.

needing to do some serious planning about my 43rd year

feeling tired but content. It’s been such an eventful week, and there were things that happened that I’d rather forget. Nevertheless, I am putting my confidence in Jesus, that things will be all right, that all things will work together for good… (Romans 8:28)

praying for better days. I’ve made some poor financial decisions and I am (together with my family) now reaping the consequences. Though I was able to make wise investments too and save a little, things could still be better.

thanking God for how He has been blessing me on my 42nd year so far. This pandemic actually showed me how blessed I am, plus I have learned so many things and overcame a lot of challenges and fears this past few months alone. I couldn’t be more grateful! In fact, I’m going to write about it in a separate post ❤

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(Image photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash)

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