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Two in a row

11 November 2020. Typhoon #UlyssesPH has hit Laguna and other nearby provinces, as well as Metro Manila. As I write this, in less than an hour, I’ll be turning 43. Instead of feeling excited, however, I feel nothing but trepidation. All I could think of now is how much longer our roof would hold with the heavy rains and strong winds raging outside.

I feel so foolish for not trying so hard to get a carpenter to work on our roof! Two weekends ago, Typhoon Rolly, another storm signal #3, hit us and did our roof. Some parts of it started to get unhinged. I looked for a carpenter, but every one I met seemed busy fixing other people’s houses… and I was content to just wait for them to become available. Who does that? Certainly not the Proverbs 31 Woman (in the making) because she would have made sure that she would have no fear for her household.

This is not how I had expected to feel in the middle of a storm. I never had to worry before about the state of my household. This is not how I had envisioned spending my birthday either. In fact, I think this is the first time I’ve experienced a storm on my birthday and worry about such matters. Come to think of it, I can only recall only one time when it rained on my birthday and I was on my way to Singapore then to be with my husband. The rest, my daughters and I were always celebrating outdoors.

Speaking of outdoor celebrations, I had planned on driving my family to Tagaytay and inviting our close relatives to join us for some sightseeing and food trip for my birthday this year. Well, I guess even if it had not rained we still won’t have done that because of the pandemic, so there’s really no point in getting worked up for being stuck at home on my birthday, eh? Plus, I still can’t drive because there’s still this problem with my vision that remains untreated at the moment.

I pray that this would be the last storm the Philippines will experience this year, and there would be so much less of them in the future. I hope there will be no casualties this time, and the government would learn to really prepare for any storm that might hit any part of the country, just like I am learning now to be truly prepared for different storms in life.

12 November 2020. It’s officially my 43rd birthday. I couldn’t sleep last night out of worry that our entire roof might get blown away and rainwater would start seeping through the ceiling. Yet for some reason, before I went to bed and as I kept on praying, urging Jesus to just say the word and the storm would leave, I kept being reminded constantly of the story Jesus Calms the Storm.

I must admit it took a while before I figured out what I was missing. It must be because I was only focusing on the fact that Jesus is Lord of all that even the winds and the sea obey Him. I wanted so much for Him to calm the storm that I missed the bigger picture: since He is Lord of all, I should trust Him completely. As long as I am with Him, He’s in the same boat with me, then I have nothing to fear and I can sleep soundly and rest easy no matter how fierce the storm, just like He did in that story.

What a birthday! What a blessing it is to realize that despite the storm, I am blessed in infinite ways by simply anchoring my life to Jesus…

Though I had to clean a puddle of water in one area of our house, since water seeped through the floor, and the toilet would not flush, I am grateful that we are safe and no part of our house was actually submerged in water (I know what it’s like to have a flooded house; I used to experience that in my parents’ house). No part of our roof was also blown away, and our pets were all safe. We didn’t have electricity for more than 12 hours, but we’re good, and water supply didn’t get cut off. My daughters were even able to prepare a birthday dinner for me, which was attended by my in-laws, and I am grateful. (They knew didn’t have the heart to order food or prepare my own birthday dinner, knowing many Filipinos, including some of my friends and relatives were going through a worse experience because of this calamity.)

Still, God is good ❤

(Featured image by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash)

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