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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 36: The one where it finally sunk in

Seventeen months after the first enhanced community quarantine was implemented and we’re back at it again just last August 6th. I just realized it’s also been nine months since I had last written something under this category. Anyways, so here I am again. This is becoming a habit now, really, i.e., me writing then not writing then back to writing again…

reading And the Mountains Echoed by one of my favorite male novelists Khaled Hosseini. If you must know, I’ve been delaying buying this book because I’ve been looking for one that’s as the same size as his two other books that I got –– The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. However, since he has another novel coming out soon, I decided to just get a copy even if it’s much smaller than the other two I’ve got. Now I’m really trying to read it slowly unlike his other two novels. Care to guess why?

writing lists of things to do and more. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed blogging until now. When the pandemic hit last year, followed by a series of heartbreaking events in our family, I just couldn’t seem to write again, when that’s exactly one of the things I should’ve done to cope. Anyway, things are much better now. I’m writing a piece about the events that happened last year and how things have also started to fall back into place. Please watch out for it…

listening to Beyoncé. My eldest child is a fan and she’s playing her songs now while doing the dishes.

thinking about how to finally start accomplishing the things I want to do in my lifetime. It’s finally sunk in, my disease got a name. I don’t understand why I only came across it recently, when I’ve been researching about it for so long now. And when I discussed it with my sister-in-law who happens to be a medical doctor, she confirmed it based on the symptoms I’ve got and the medication I’ve received in the past, but advised me to still go for the tests the neurologist I consulted before recommended. It’s called multiple sclerosis, by the way, which I only knew of as peripheral neuropathy in the past, and it looks like what I had last year was a relapse.

wishing my family would always be happy and content with each other. I just want to build happy memories with my daughters and my husband, albeit virtually, especially after learning that people with neurological disease such as mine are expected to have life expectancy 5-10 years shorter than the average due to complications. I guess my prayer, which is for the Lord to teach me to number my days, is now being answered?

hoping my husband’s health would continue to improve. I’m already looking forward to being the first to leave this earth, and I don’t want him getting sick, especially that I can’t be with him abroad to look after him. I hope this pandemic will be over soon so we could be physically together again, too.

wearing my old brown dress. Come to think of it, yesterday I was wearing a brown blouse. Not that brown’s my favorite color!

loving the feel of the keyboard against my fingertips as I’m typing this. It’s really been a while since I’ve written something for myself. I only get to use my laptop to do some required writing and nothing more. Most days, it’s my eldest child who uses this.

wanting to travel again. Have I told you that I’ve driven to Subic and back home all by myself last February? I realized then just how much I liked driving. I feel like I’m making my Papa proud whenever I’d drive well.

needing to be (more) organized again. There are so many papers in my room alone that I need to sort. Paper is obviously the number one clutter in our house.

feeling the tingling, electricity-like sensation on my toes and arms. It’s always been like this for the most part of the day for several months now. I could just never skip taking vitamin B-complex and other supplements anymore.

praying we’ll be able to finish homeschooling this year in flying colors. We don’t have much time left, but at least things are finally turning up for my girls. I wish we’ve gone homeschooling indie, to be honest; keeping up with the schedule is just so hard for our family this school year more than ever, it seems. Most days, I had to deal with interpersonal issues rather than academics.

thanking God for his provisions. We were told last year that my husband’s company might only be able to sustain its operations in the Asia Pacific region until September this year. However, a few weeks ago, he was told that he’s being promoted, not to mention he even got job offers from other companies just last summer. He’s loyal to his employer, though, and it looks like it’s a good thing ❤

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