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Café Review: Pet Lovers Café

A café where furry pals are the main attraction

Flying solo

Two years ago, I had the privilege to spend a weekend in Singapore with my husband. It was my first international flight, as well as my first time to travel alone by air. The whole experience of flying alone was exciting, scary, at the same time, boring. I think I stressed myself so much by willing for the flight to end soon, to get to my destination immediately. The bad weather did not help much as all of us passengers had to wait for nearly half an hour to leave the ground and be on our way to Singapore. I’ve always enjoyed a window seat, so I reserved one as I booked my flight online. However, it was a rather unpleasant experience for me to sit by the window this time. Since it was raining, I felt so close to the lightning that would etch the sky from time to time. It’s a good thing I couldn’t hear them clapping, unlike when I would be on the ground when it’s raining. In case you don’t know …

Revisiting the Manila Ocean Park

Summer vacation’s already halfway through–at least here in the Philippines–and while my girls feel that they still haven’t done enough, I am worried that I’ve already indulged them so much. Let’s see… we go to the malls almost each time they feel like it. We’ve been shopping and dining out, depending on the extra money we have on hand. So far, they’ve had dance lessons–a crash course on ballet and Hawaiian–and have already performed before a crowd at the mall for their first ever dance recital. When we’re home, they would stay all day in their mini pool, which I usually set up in the veranda, and they would even invite some of their friends over. If not, they would stay inside the house, watch TV or movies on DVD, play with their toys, read their books, do various art activities, or just sleep. Sometimes, when it’s not so sunny, I let them go out and run around the neighborhood or on scooters with their playmates. And on other days, the three of us would head to a …