The Sunday Currently, Vol. 26: Wonder Woman

I’ve been meaning to watch Wonder Woman with my girls on its first day at cinemas. I grew up watching Super Friends on TV, and Wonder Woman has always been my favorite character. I would also watch reruns of the Wonder Woman TV series that featured Lynda Carter in the 80’s when I was in elementary. Since my husband is also a big fan of DC (and Marvel) superheroes, we always make sure that we watch the live action films on the big screen (with our daughters) when there’s one showing.

We’ve known for months now when Wonder Woman would hit the Philippine cinemas, thanks to a certain lifestyle mobile app and the Internet, and I have calendared it as soon as we confirmed the date. The mister even bought me a Wonder Woman shirt last year in preparation for the big day. Hence, the disappointment I had for not being able to watch it on the exact day I’ve written down on my organizer.

Unfortunately, there were simply so many things that required my attention and I could not afford to drag my daughters in the middle of the week while they were preparing for something more important, such as the OLSAT and Disney Premiere audition, not to mention I had errands to attend myself too. We simply had to wait for the perfect timing then and I’m glad we did, for some of my wonder friends were even able to join us this afternoon, which made watching the movie much more fun! And, my takeaway from the movie? You can’t save everyone, so don’t be discouraged…

reading 3 Weeks to an Organized Homeschool by Katherine Leigh, along with Debora M. Coty’s Too Blessed to be Stressed. The latter serves as my current devotional, whereas the former serves as a guide to make our next homeschool year more productive for everyone and keep me sane. *fingers crossed*

writing down my thoughts on a lot of things that my family and I have been dealing with lately. There’s just too much of them, it seems, that sometimes, I feel like I can no longer catch up even with my own self. Writing them on my journal, however, helps me process these thoughts, understand myself better, and help me respond better to situations too.

listening to the sound coming from the TV program my youngest daughter’s watching. Weekend nights are movie nights, in which we would choose a movie to watch online or on DVD. However, since we watched Wonder Woman this afternoon and I really loved the film, I am not prepared to be disappointed by a movie that’s not as good or has characters not as charming as Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

thinking of a certain teenage girl that needs help and how our family, especially my eldest daughter, could help her. She happens to be one of teen’s close friends in 5th and 6th grade at her former school. Apparently,  the girl came from a broken family, lives with her mom’s relatives, and now has to deal with her pregnancy alone. Disowned by her relatives, my heart aches for this child, but I’m not sure how we could help her except pray for her at the moment. I guess I will just have to listen to my Wonder Woman instincts, at the same time, remind myself that I cannot save everyone, in case things don’t turn out to be a happy ending for everyone. Continue reading “The Sunday Currently, Vol. 26: Wonder Woman”


The Sunday Currently, Vol. 25: Happy Mother’s Day, indeed!

What can I say except my girls outdid themselves this year (with a little help from their dad). ❤️  I am one very happy mom today not only because of the surprises, handmade gifts, and treats they prepared for me, but also because they behaved so well today — no bickering at all. Kaya naman pala, e! ☺️

On the other hand, I miss my mother so much! A few weeks ago, I found my teenage daughter crying; she said she missed her so much, too. Today and here on, however, we choose to celebrate her life… for everything she has done for me, for all the love and care she showered us, especially on my girls. They were still so young when she passed away, yet they still remember how she loved and cared for them. It’s amazing what (her) unconditional love can do! She continues to hold their hearts—our hearts—to this day.

I wish I could still take her to the spa, movies, or Jollibee, buy her a gift this Mother’s Day, and kiss and hug her like I used to do. Anyway, I’m sure she’s having a grand time in heaven now. I am grateful that she has accepted Jesus as her LORD and Savior before she passed away. That thought alone gives me peace. Indeed, she was blessed and she surpassed them all.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! Happy Mother’s Day, fellow moms! 🌷🌷🌷 Now, please imagine me completing this short writing while I was at Buku-Buku Kafé at SM Southmall, having a special Mother’s Day dinner with my daughters. Cheers!

Lorenza Mariano Rioja

reading Too Blessed to Be Stressed by Debora M. Coty. Again, it’s one of those ebooks that I found free on Amazon, thanks to I’m discovering a lot about myself through this book and I’m getting the encouragement I need too, so far, to avoid getting stressed. The author’s style of writing’s light and humorous, yet thought-provoking. This is one book that I would recommend to every woman, especially wives and moms.

writing down a list of things to do this coming week. Would you believe it, I actually brought my organizer with me along with my set of metallic colored pens and started planning the week while waiting for our dinner to be served?

listening to the young man play his guitar as he sings Beatles songs as well as some oldies. It’s interesting how his family was there to support him, with his mom wearing a proud smile on her face and was always the first to clap after each song. I can sense their connection to each other and it’s riveting!

thinking of and marveling at how my girls were well-behaved throughout the day. Yesterday, they were bickering endlessly that we had to cut short our trip to the mall as a consequence. Today, however, they were literally like angels, reminding each other that it’s Mother’s Day, my day, and they should not be selfish. Continue reading “The Sunday Currently, Vol. 25: Happy Mother’s Day, indeed!”

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 24: Just the four of us

Since my husband was home for only eight days, I have decided to stay away from my laptop and avoid checking emails, even blogging. I tried to spend every moment with him and our girls, except for one day that I took the time to get re-acquainted with the anti-aging business by attending a seminar that lasted for a few hours and running some errands afterward.

Now that he has gone back to work abroad, I guess I’m back to some of my old ways too. Nevertheless, the short period we were together, doing things together, traveling together, will remain a sweet memory for every member of our family.

For the first time, it was just the four of us, our own small family, exploring and learning things together, meeting other people along the way, etc. It was such a wonderful experience and I’m glad my husband has agreed to it even if it meant that the pets would be on their own and have the house to themselves. 😉

reading “Deep Blue Sea” by Vallerie Howard, a novella in Kindle format. It’s one of those ebooks that I found free on Amazon, thanks to I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction books lately if I’m not busy with chores or out on the road traveling with the family. I could definitely use some light fiction story right now as part of my rest.

writing the final draft of a certain article that was meant to be published last November. I’m trying to finish all the articles in my drafts folder now and start using an editorial calendar. That way, I make sure that I get to publish a post 1–2 times a week and be able to focus on other important things as well… Yeah, I know, you’ve read that before!

listening to some Spotify music blaring from my daughters’ bedroom. My teenager is isolating herself again, especially that her dad has gone back to Singapore last night. I suppose that’s her way of coping with sadness and in some ways, I must admit that we are alike. I used to stay in my room when I was a teen too, reading, writing, painting, and listening to music, although not particularly because I was sad, but because I became more of an introvert when I was growing up. Some days, I still do those things, like today. Continue reading “The Sunday Currently, Vol. 24: Just the four of us”

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 23: Happy Resurrection Sunday

It’s Resurrection Sunday, or Easter Sunday to many, and I had a great day spent with my girls and dear friends from our former church. I felt so blessed to be with them, and I wish the day never had to end!

reading various Christian literature this Holy Week. Somehow, I’m having difficulty focusing on only one Bible passage and meditating on it. I keep encountering the words be still and wait on the LORD both in my readings and the songs I hear.

writing journal entries as well as things to do in the coming week.

listening and trying to make out the words coming from somewhere in the neighborhood. At first I thought it was the Catholics saying their novena prayers or reading the Pasyon. But as it continued even on Good Friday, Black Saturday, and now Easter Sunday, I’m positive that it was something else. Whatever happened to the anti-noise law?

thinking about the happiness that stayed with me throughout the day. We’re celebrating Resurrection Sunday and the fact alone that Jesus loves me and has triumphed over the sting of death, sin, and Satan gives me joy that no one or nothing can take away. Having spent a wonderful afternoon with my friends from GCF South Metro Yuppies also gives me a glowing feeling, not to mention my daughters were very happy with just about everything that happened today.

wishing I could see my close friends (Yuppies) more often, that we’d get together 2–4 times a year instead of 1–2 times a year. Apparently, we only tend to meet once a year unless someone in the family of one of us dies.

hoping to get our old clothes, shoes, books, even toys either distributed or put up on sale starting this coming week.

loving how all the issues that have been confronting my family and me started getting resolved mostly through prayers (with the help of my friends). Continue reading “The Sunday Currently, Vol. 23: Happy Resurrection Sunday”

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 22: When the earth repeatedly shakes

I used to worry a lot about the budget, house chores, and child discipline. But not so much this week, compared to the worry that has started to grip me when the earth started shaking last Monday evening and once more 2–3 times yesterday afternoon. Is the world coming to an end? Maybe. Am I ready to face my Creator? Maybe not. I don’t think I’ve won a good number of souls yet to Jesus. But then again, if I become more faithful and raise godly girls and introduce my own relatives to Jesus, maybe that would be enough? Okay, forget about that for a moment and let me just finish writing this post. After all, it’s Monday already!

reading the Book of Genesis simultaneously with “How to Ruin Your Child in 7 Easy Steps: Tame Your Vices, Nurture Their Virtues” by Patrick M. Quinn and Ken Roach. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve already read Genesis, yet I continue to get new insights each time I read it. Moreover, I feel like I’m always missing something after reading it or some important information is just not sticking to my memory that I have to re-read it several times.

writing lists. That’s all I seem to be doing lately: things to do, things to buy, topics to discuss at our homeschool classes, places to visit, errands for the week, etc. The list is endless, although that’s really no longer new.

listening to the sound of silence. I can’t wait to hit the sack; it’s been a long day for us and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

thinking about today’s events. We were supposed to see the Alaskan malamute my eldest brother has offered us to adopt, but we didn’t get the chance to see it at all due to time constraints. I didn’t really feel disappointed that we didn’t get to see his 5-month old puppy, but Big Sis was really hoping to bring it home tonight that she cried from disappointment, and I feel for her. I was glad for the opportunity to hold my Big Baby for a long time as she cried though. (As you know, she no longer likes being hugged when she became a teen. Lol.) Moreover, I was happy that I was able to spend time with my brother and my niece again.

wishing I didn’t dilly-dally in approaching publishing firms and authors to launch the business I have in mind! I could have already started my own company years ago, even if it’s just myself working at first. Yesterday’s event by Manila Workshops, “Let’s Get Down to Business: Turning Your Passion Into Profit”, was an eye-opener. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time, being afraid of rejection, and getting sidetracked by so many activities that aren’t getting me near my goals at all. Continue reading “The Sunday Currently, Vol. 22: When the earth repeatedly shakes”

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 21: Getting better

This week, I look at the things that I seem to be getting better at, such as relating to my kids, social networking, and blogging. On the other hand, I also see the things that I still need to get better at, such as recognizing my own shortcomings as a wife, parent, teacher, friend, and volunteer leader. I’m glad my God is a God of second chances and “His mercies never come to an end”; I could still get better every day.

reading still the ebook copy of “How to Ruin Your Child in 7 Easy Steps: Tame Your Vices, Nurture Their Virtues” by Patrick M. Quinn and Ken Roach. I’ve been distracted by so many activities lately that I haven’t really got the time to read. Nevertheless, the book’s making me own up to my issue with pride, and I’m now on the part where it teaches (me) how to handle it. I’m getting to know myself (and my daughters) better with the help of this book.

writing emails. I get overwhelmed every time I see the number of emails in my inbox, including junk mail. They don’t seem to go below 500 anymore lately! Well, at least, I’m getting more emails that are really worth my time reading, such as offers to be a guest blogger for websites with huge following, invitations to certain events and to review some products and services, etc. I guess I really am a blogger now!

listening to dogs barking. Our next-door-neighbors and their guests’ loud voices seem to make all the dogs in the neighborhood agitated. Ooh, well, what’s new?

thinking about yesterday’s events. We attended the “Monetizing on Video as a Platform” workshop, with Dennis Lim, head of ABS-CBN Corporation’s Digital Media Services, and YouTubers Mich Liggayu and Lloyd Cadena as speakers. It was the first time I have attended an event by Manila Workshops as an invited guest blogger, and my passion for learning was reignited. It’s been a long time since I last attended a workshop or seminar with the aim to learn new skills, and I intend to continue to do so, even as a guest blogger.

wishing to turn back the time. I feel like I have wasted so much of it, especially when it comes to homeschooling my daughters. I was so proud and naive, thinking I could easily wing it because I had been both a very good student and teacher in the past, not to mention I have very smart kids. The school year is about to end and there are still a lot of areas that we need to cover. I know we can do it, but it would really require absolute dedication and focus from both my kids and myself this time. We cannot be distracted anymore!

hoping I’d be a better mom each day. I have been praying that God would show me my flaws, and slowly, I am able to see the areas where I need change and grow.

loving how my teen is starting to pay attention to her appearance, particularly in the way she dresses and styles her hair. She has been wearing her nicer clothes recently, finally letting go of the old shirts, especially when going out. I told her once that I was offended that she disregards the brand new (and branded) clothes we buy for her, choosing to wear old hand-me-down oversized shirts instead. Last week, she asked me to buy her a layered dress and shirt, which she wore to church earlier today and she styled her hair nicely, too. She really looked her age now, and a happy teen at that. I just wish she would take extra time to scrub off the paint on her skin! People don’t need to know she’s an artist by the paint stains on her arms and legs, do they?

wanting to rest, get a long uninterrupted sleep tonight, but I can sense that I would still be up for a couple more hours or so, with my head full of ideas for my blog, freelance career, and homeschool, plus the schedule of activities and budget for the upcoming week(s).

needing to have dinner, but we all just seem tired and prefer to relax, writing, watching TV, or painting. It has been a long, albeit enjoyable, weekend.

feeling anxious after just realizing that there’s a big purchase that I need to make in a couple of weeks, and I need to budget this month’s resources really well. Although I’ve already saved some money in our respective savings accounts, I’m still rather nervous somehow, that I may have already overspent with our recent shopping sprees and frequent trips to McDonald’s (just to complete the Smurf village collection).

enjoying this opportunity, this time, to write and share my thoughts. Busier days are up ahead and I’m not sure if I would still be able to blog consistently.

praying constantly for my eldest brother and his children’s safety as well as for my and my family’s too. Evil may be lurking around us, but I am confident that God always sends forth His angels to protect us. May the LORD deal with these people and their family up to the seventh generation severely if they don’t stop thinking of ways to harm us!

thanking God for second chances and for His radical love (for me). I learned more about the extent of the wickedness of the Assyrians in the Old Testament this morning and understood why Jonah ran away from God, refusing to follow His command to send them a warning and tell them to repent. If God cared about these utterly wicked people, why would He not care (more) for me, too?   ❤


The Sunday Currently, Vol. 20: Moving forward

reading an ebook copy of “How to Ruin Your Child in 7 Easy Steps: Tame Your Vices, Nurture Their Virtues” by Patrick M. Quinn and Ken Roach. I’m on the second chapter now, but I’ve already learned so much from this book. These are just two of the statements I have highlighted in it (from the first chapter):

“You can’t actually ruin your child. Not that parents don’t sometimes do terrible things. We do. But God’s grace is greater. He can turn even our worst messes into something beautiful.”

“When you invest time in changing yourself–even a little bit–it gives you enormous leverage to influence change in your children.”

writing responses to some of the comments on one of my blog posts. I have recently started joining the weekly comment exchange at Mommy Bloggers Philippines’ Facebook page. Participants are supposed to visit each other’s blog and comment on a specific post. The activity helps me get out of my shell, meet other SAHMs/WAHMs, who are also mommy bloggers, at the same time gain information on various topics. Commenting on 30 blog posts within 3–4 days was overwhelming at first, but I’m getting the hang of it now and enjoying it, too.

listening to the noise coming from the airconditioning unit. It seems to be complaining, reminding me that it needs to get some thorough cleaning ASAP.

thinking about what happened last weekend. It seemed so long ago now, yet I couldn’t help but cry on the shoulder of my good friend/business mentor/writing client/fellow mom Ate Honey when I saw her at church earlier today. I know she can relate to what I’ve been going through and I’m thankful to God for her!

wishing what the pastor says about radical love is so easy to extend to ERG (extra grace required) individuals! I can think of several of them right now, but I honestly don’t know if I even want to reach out to them. I (can) forgive them, sure, but I don’t think there’s even a need for me to be reconciled with them. Oh, it’s so hard to be a Christian!

hoping I could finish sorting our stuff before my husband returns for a short vacation. I do not want him to see again the boxes of clothes, shoes, and toys that we’re giving away and selling online. And, there’s more of them in the closet!

loving how the day went today as well as last Sunday. We’ve been to church on both times, then to the mall to watch a movie, dine, and shop. I believe these activities are helping us heal and get closer to each other again.

wanting to move to another house the soonest possible, but I’m sensing my husband’s hesitancy again, even if he’s the one who told me to put the house on sale ASAP. After telling him that I’ve already contacted a real estate agent and we now have to decide the selling price, he’s reluctant to finalize the terms and conditions we’ll be giving the agent.

needing to go to sleep now, but I’m determined to finish this Sunday Currently post. Doing so helps ensure that I get into writing blog posts at least once a week no matter how short it is or random its topic.

feeling tired after all that walking and shopping we did at the mall today. We got Lil Sis a new pair of shoes, we got Big Sis a shirt and a dress, and I got myself two cotton blouses. Everyone of us seems happy, including Daddy, who also got a new pair of shoes for himself yesterday.

enjoying the peace and quiet in the house now and in our surroundings. I hope it will always be like this, no fighting, no confrontations; everyone stays in his/her respective home.

praying that our relationship with each other in the family would continue to improve in the coming days and that we’d be able to reach out to those who have hurt us one of these days and glorify God.

thanking God for my family and friends, for the provisions, protection, and good health. Right now, I could not ask for anything except to be reunited with my husband for good. I hope he gets a new job here soon, or we get to stay with him in Singapore soon and I’d get a good job. ❤

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 19: Facing life’s storms

This week had been one of the most difficult ones I had to go through in life, and I can’t believe that it’s only a few weeks apart from the day I had a miscarriage. Big Sis ran away–I was mostly to be blamed–and my husband was devastated. Although she has returned, we’re still not done dealing with certain issues. This recent storm that hit us also made me face the fact that our family was not as it seemed all along, and changes have to be made. First of all, the cycle of hurts must stop now.

reading Bo Sanchez’s “How to Deal with Horror Parents, Monster Kids, and Freaky Siblings: Create a Happy Family Using the Most Powerful Tool to Help Your Loved Ones Change”. It’s quite a short read, but filled with practical wisdom.

writing journal entries, including personal letters, since the night Big Sis chose to ran away and slept over at my husband’s relatives’ house across the street. Doing so reminds me of a quote from Lang Leave: “I don’t think all writers are sad, she said. I think it’s the other way around–all sad people write.”

listening to the sounds around me. Since Big Sis ran away, my ears are more easily piqued and all my senses seem to be on high alert at all times.

thinking about all the things that happened in the past few days, weeks, and months, even. It felt like I never really had a day of peace since the start of 2017. From dealing with vexatious neighbors, having a dispute with a very close relative, a difficult pregnancy, miscarriage, a run away teen, and now a hurting husband and troublesome in-laws. It felt like I’ve done nothing but weather storms in life and I can’t wait to see long sunny days ahead!

So far, the only good thing that happened this year, it seems, was my nephew’s wedding yesterday, which we missed. Nevertheless, the thought of his wedding to a wonderful woman sends me a warm glow inside. I am so proud of him, of what he has become, what he has accomplished, and more. I believe he and his beautiful bride are on their way to Italy now, their first stop for their honeymoon among several countries, and I am excited for them!

wishing my parents were still alive. Somehow, I just know that Big Sis would have a more rounded personality and would always feel secure if they were still around (and healthy). Honestly, I’ve always marveled at my parents’ love for my daughters and their other grandchildren! However, if Big Sis would still ran away and came to them instead, I am certain that the opposite thing would have happened. Continue reading “The Sunday Currently, Vol. 19: Facing life’s storms”

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 18: My 39th birthday

reading the birthday greetings I received through Facebook. I know that many of these well-wishers may not really know that it was my birthday yesterday until they saw the notification on Facebook. Regardless, I appreciate them taking the time to write me a short note and even ask how I’ve been, especially that my wall is on private mode. That is, no one can post anything on my wall without my approval, so that makes it a little bothersome for them to go to Messages or find an appropriate post where they could leave their messages in the comments field.

writing down things that I need to do this coming week. Well, okay, I’m really trying to set new goals, but it looks like they would have to wait until I get some sleep.

listening to what my heart is saying. And you know what, it’s telling me that I am happy. Who says an adult can no longer spend her birthday at TimeZone with both her young kids and adult friends and relatives? You have no idea how much fun we had! My youngest guest was an 8-month old baby girl and a 65-year old grandpa.

thinking about all the things that happened yesterday and today, and even the past few weeks. I just realized that this was the longest birthday celebration I’ve ever had, considering it started when I went to Singapore.

wishing my parents were still alive and my husband’s home to celebrate my birthday with our whole family. I’m glad my über busy eldest brother came to have dinner with us last night though and my sister in the US took the time to greet me also via FaceTime yesterday morning.

hoping to have a more productive and blessed year ahead

loving the fact that I was actually able to celebrate my birthday with nearly everyone dear to me albeit at different times. I guess that’s the perk that comes with long celebrations.

wanting to buy a birthday cake. Seriously, I didn’t have a cake and I’m craving for one. My youngest daughter made me a mug, er, bowl cake, but it’s not something that I could really share, sadly. I wanted one that has a candle on top and big enough to share with just about everyone who came to be with me on my birthday dinner last night and this evening too.

needing to sleep, seriously. I’d like to be able to rest well as a birthday treat to myself. Is that too much to ask?

feeling tired but happy. It has been a long day – attending a church service at noon, having a late lunch with the family, then meeting friends at the mall for a get together and an hour of games at TimeZone, and finally, a simple dinner at home.

praying that I would be a better wife, mom, sister, daughter-in-law, friend, teacher, writer, etc. each day. I pray that I would touch more lives in a very positive way and be an inspiration, a good role model of being a woman of faith, especially to my kids.

grateful for the people in my life, especially my family and friends, and for all the other blessings I receive everyday. And, yes, that includes all the freebies I’ve been getting from various enterprises of which I am a member/card holder, such as TimeZone, Shakey’s, Starbucks, etc. ❤

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 17: A weekend of firsts

The This weekend was my first time to attend a major bloggers’ conference: Blogapalooza. It was also the first time I had an adult sleep over at our place, who also happens to be my cousin and playmate when I was young. We also visited my parents’ grave at night for the first time (and it’s not All Souls’ Day) and found out about the banchetta at Golden Haven. Anyway, just read on for more information and find out what other things went through my head this weekend. 😉

reading Ruth Soukup’s How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul on Kindle app. It’s really a good read–very encouraging and informative. It’s the first time I bought a book on blogging–and it was rather costly compared to the usual ebooks I buy–but it was worth it. It makes me wonder all the more, however, how certain blogs, especially by Filipino bloggers, get to have so many followers when all they do is promote products and events. I see no soul when I read their blogs, yet brands prefer them, sadly. I am starting to think that I’ll never get my blog monetized if what it would take is for me to “sell my soul”. Good thing I have this book to encourage me!

writing down things that need to be done this week, beginning with certain house repairs tomorrow.

listening or hearing, rather, snippets of phone conversations my cousin was having with some of her friends. It’s a little surreal that she’s spending the night at our place and sharing the bed with me. When we were kids, we used to stay at each other’s house for days during summers. That felt a long, long, long time ago, but I still feel that same excitement and shyness I used to have.

thinking how different the MRT experience in Manila is from Singapore. If I were to use the latter as the standard, I’d only feel depressed. Perhaps next time I should stay a month at home after going back from a trip abroad before going out again. I can’t help but compare how backwards and undisciplined many of us are compared to other nations.

wishing my fellow Filipinos, especially commuters and motorists, would have the discipline we all need to make traveling or commuting, even walking in the streets, a pleasant experience for everyone. It’s unnerving that even if you are already using the pedestrian lane and following traffic lights, there’s still a big possibility that you will get run over by overspeeding vehicles, especially those in motorcycles. Add to that the fact that someone could just grab your bag as you are walking on the sidewalk, etc.

hoping to have made a good impression on the few individuals I met yesterday at the Blogapalooza. It was my first time to attend the said prestigious annual event for bloggers. I was told by a fellow blogger that the previous years were much better, especially when it first started. I can’t say I had a fabulous experience, but I suppose it was good enough for a first timer. Anyway, that’s one item on my bucket list I’m crossing out now – attend a  major bloggers’ conference this year.

loving the flower wreaths (see featured photo) given away at the PAL booth earlier at the Blogapalooza. I think we’ll recycle them into Christmas wreaths, especially that Christmas is coming and store-bought Christmas wreaths are rather expensive.

wanting to spend more time writing, reaching out to other bloggers, readers, and influencers, but I’m really having difficulty managing my time. I just hope the money I paid for this blog’s plan would not go to waste.

needing to be more driven and focused and organized in various areas of my life. Time is a precious commodity and I feel that I have already wasted so much of it in the past year despite having attained most of the goals I had set.

feeling a lot better now that I was able to visit my parents’ grave after several months. I would normally go to the cemetery before I leave for a short trip abroad and before or on my birthday, too. This was the first time I’ve been there after dark though. It’s a good thing I have told my older brother that I was coming with our cousin and my daughters, and he met us there. By the way, did you know that there’s a banchetta at Golden Haven every Friday to Sunday evening. Moreover, aside from Jollibee, there are also other restaurants there now, and they’re all together in one area.

praying that my family would be a blessing to our house guest, my cousin. My husband and I stayed at her brother’s place in Singapore while we were there last week. I thought I would start connecting with her again too on a regular basis, especially that we used to be playmates when we were young, even if she was two years older than me. Besides, she’s also from Laguna and she lives by herself.

grateful that my family and I are blessed enough to share something with others. ❤