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If only I had a cake

Celebrating my 17th wedding anniversary at the time of Corona

Happy eighth: celebrating marriage

My husband and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary the other day, 21 March 2011. Very early in the morning, before heading home from an overnight stay at my parents’ house, my daughters and I dropped by Red Ribbon to buy a cake. My eldest daughter even insisted that I had a message inscribed on it, and so I did. Written beautifully in white icing were the words “Happy 8th Anniversary.” By seven in the evening, the girls and I could no longer contain our excitement. We were also already hungry and couldn’t wait anymore for my husband to get online at Skype. When he finally did, the girls started singing, “Happy eighth, eighth anniversary…” to the usual tune of “happy birthday.” They even danced and took pictures of their father and me as I held the cake for my husband to see through the laptop’s web cam. I also placed a delicate pink and white candle on top of the cake, which I had to light a couple of times as my daughters took …