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Protected: Into darkness

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(Featured image by Christian Newman on Unsplash) She couldn’t help but remember some ugly childhood memories that she thought she had already forgotten. She’s 37 now and it must have been 33 years ago when the incidents took place. All of a sudden, she recalled everything vividly like they just happened yesterday. Surprisingly, the two scenarios involved a certain man called Occa, one of their neighbors at their old house in Manila. The memories shook her so hard that she just started crying. Wrath enveloped her, wishing the man and his sons dead. “Why men like him had to live and were even allowed to have a family of their own is beyond me!” she thought indignantly. Being a Christian, she knew that she’s not in the position to question God’s purposes and it’s wrong to wish for someone to die, but she did it anyway. If cancer was only up to stage 4, she hoped that they would all die of cancer in stage 10 or so. She realized that she has never openly talked about one …