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Gateway Gallery presents “Mga Kwento ni Nanay: A Storytelling Workshop”

Gateway Gallery celebrates National Reading Month with a storytelling workshop


Odd girl out

Part I – Elementary school days I woke up the other day with Mr. Big‘s songs in my head. It must be because of the band’s recent concert in Manila, which  I was not able to attend. Bummer! Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the night, staying up late as I looked up Mr. Big’s videos on YouTube. I have to admit that their music evoked a mixed emotion and endless memories of my childhood. They reminded me most of my elementary school days and how much I felt like I was the odd one in class. I’m not exactly sad about being that way, but I have to admit that were days when I sometimes wished that I were popular in class. After all, I was pretty popular and had many so friends in our neighborhood then. Besides, now that decades had passed, my elementary batchmates couldn’t seem to get enough of having reunions or mini gatherings lately, and I couldn’t seem to enjoy much being with them because I was never really close to most of …

Goodbye, Teacher?

Today’s the last day of school for my eldest daughter. Another chapter in her student life has ended; by June, she’ll be a second grader. She came home this afternoon a little sad though. Apparently, her teacher had announced that she would no longer be around, and my daughter admitted to crying along with her classmates, especially after she apologized to them. Despite their class adviser’s “grumpy” demeanor, she said that they would still miss her. Yesterday, this same person was fired before me. I was quite uncomfortable with it, even if the school directress/part-owner assured me that the decision was made long before I came to see her, and the person already knew of the decision. Somehow, I couldn’t help feeling partly responsible for her loss of income. Of course, I had made it clear that I had no intention of putting her in the bad light, worse, having her lose her job. I was there as a concerned parent to a hurting child, whose cause for dejection was her own class adviser’s careless …