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Discovering Laos

Visiting Laos for the first time and getting over my incomprehensible fear of communist countries

Counting the hours at Suvarnabhumi Airport

31 December 2015 It’s the last day of the year, the last day of our vacation, the last day before my husband goes back to Singapore while the girls and I go back to our home in the Philippines. It’s going to be months again before we get together as a family, and the day’s not turning out well. I was hoping that we could still do some sight seeing, have fun while we wait for our flight, make the most out of the little time that we could still spend together. Guess what, our flight is not until half an hour past midnight later, though my husband’s three hours ahead of ours. Now that means we’re spending about 12 hours doing nothing at this airport. Twelve hours! We’re in a different country, it’s sunny outside, and we’re stuck here! I’m not happy, and I’m venting it all out here. I’m sorry, but you just got to let me. Everybody’s reluctant to go out and I don’t understand why. Am I the only one who wanted …