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Florante at Laura

Gantimpala Theater Foundation presents Florante at Laura and other Filipino classics

Saddleback SMLA presents: Captivated, A Throwback Concert

  Known as the country’s equivalent of Toto, Side A is widely recognized in the Philippine music scene, particularly from the 1980s to early 2000s. Their easy listening style was a hit among the masses. No other group in the country was able to match their track record in terms of commercial success in the ‘90s, especially after Joey Generoso, also known as Joey G, joined the band. They had a triple platinum album and the group garnered two Awit Awards – the Philippines’ equivalent of the Grammy’s. Aside from the numerous chart-topping songs with Side A, Joey G has also released an album entitled “Joey G Stand” as a solo artist in 2012. It was number one on iTunes for three months. Further, Joey G is the lead voice behind the ever-popular (love) songs Set You Free, So Many Questions, and Forevermore! Freestyle, on the other hand, is a band that started in Davao in late 1990s and became well known all over the country. Although some of their original members have chosen to …