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Florante at Laura

Gantimpala Theater Foundation presents Florante at Laura and other Filipino classics

Marking history

30 June 2016. Today marks the inauguration of our country’s 16th President and 14th Vice President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo, respectively. I was up almost as soon as the alarm on my phone went off and started preparing breakfast by the time the 6AM news coverage on the inauguration started. I can’t recall ever waking up early in the past, although I do remember watching certain parts of the previous Philippine presidents’ inauguration address. In fact, this must be the first time I have learned of the symbolisms used on such occasions, including the going up and down on the staircase of the outgoing and incoming presidents. It’s a good thing that we’re homeschooling and my girls, especially my 7th grader, are now old enough to pay attention to the program. I honestly wouldn’t take it against them if they prefer to do other things, even if it concerns the country’s history; I know I’d rather play or read a novel if I were their age. Thankfully, I didn’t have to …