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#Kanser2017: Noli Me Tangere today

A homeschool mom’s view on Gantimpala Theater Foundation’s modern day interpretation of Noli Me Tangere


Discovering Creativity

I never really considered myself artistic or creative. Growing up, MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health) was my least favorite subject both in elementary and high school, next to Mathematics, that is. I was always both in awe and jealous of my classmates who would turn in really beautiful art projects that were supposedly done by themselves. After all, we’re of the same age and grade level, so how come they could do those things while I would always end up in tears just trying to draw a simple object? My mother and older brother Manny noticed how much I struggled doing arts and crafts, so they started helping me with my projects. From then on, I had convinced myself that I had to enlist my brother’s help if I were to receive a decent grade at all. It’s a good thing  he was happy to do things for me though I suspect it was not so much because I was the baby in the family and he wanted to help, but because he …

Choosing to homeschool

Our tweener will soon graduate from sixth grade and my husband and I have been discussing for months now where to enroll her next. We agreed that the standard of teaching at his alma mater, where both our daughters are currently enrolled, has declined and we have no desire to enroll her in the same school for high school. Not to mention we have seen very little improvement in our daughters’ school facilities and management over the six years that she’s been with the same school. I have also been on the lookout for better schools near our place, but have not found any that would really convince us that it’s good enough; there’s always a flaw that we could simply not overlook. I must admit that I have always secretly wanted to be my daughters’ best teacher in the world. To homeschool them would be a dream come true to me, but I have also always doubted my ability to teach them effectively. After all, like many moms, I, too, tend to be exasperated …