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They remembered, I remembered

How all my loved ones seemed to come together to make sure I don’t forget my wedding anniversary this time

The ring

To all the OFW families out there and couples in long distance relationships, who had to endure so much pain but continue to trust and love each other, I most want to share this with you… My husband’s annual summer homecoming came a little early this year. He usually takes a vacation in May, in time for our youngest daughter’s birthday, which also happens to be his (and his mother’s) birth month. This year, he timed it for our daughters’ elementary school graduation and recognition day, and close enough to celebrate our post-13th wedding anniversary, too. This is the first time he’s coming up to the stage for our Little Baby Z, by the way. He was there when our Big Baby A graduated from kindergarten though, and now that she’s graduating from elementary. As for our wedding anniversaries (March 21st and June 28th), it must have been seven or eight years since we celebrated together. The thought of going up the stage with my husband as our daughters receive their awards for academic excellence …