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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 26: Happy Mother’s Day, indeed!

Having one of the best days in my life this Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day

Yesterday, I was awakened by text messages from both fellow moms and single friends wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. And as I went online, I realized that just about every person I know had the same message on their walls. Many of them even replaced their profile pictures with their mothers’ faces. I was wondering though, don’t they ever show appreciation toward their mothers except on Mother’s Day? I had also thought about replacing my profile picture with my mother, just like everyone else. However, I decided against it. My reason was simple. One, my mother’s gone. Two, when she was alive, I made sure she knew how much I needed and appreciated her. I don’t have to tell the whole world how much I loved her just because it’s Mother’s Day. Moreover, to my dear friends or people who know me better, my mother had also been a mother to them. They knew I need not join the bandwagon. As I went through the day, I began to think about my late mother and the influence she …