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Asthmatic kid no more

Tips to help care for your asthmatic child


The Sunday Currently, Vol. 29

reading Joni and Ken: An Untold Love Story by Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada with Larry Libby. Here’s a true to life story of love between two individuals who genuinely desire to let Jesus known through their ministries, including marriage, including all the struggles they have to go through and how they continue to overcome them. Giving it two thumbs up as early as now, and seriously considering writing a book review about it, even if I really just prefer to read and remember their story or any book for that matter. writing various (Christmas) lists, as usual, as well as new posts such as this one. I was very frustrated the past couple of months that I was unable to write or finish writing certain articles. Aside from getting easily distracted, my WordPress account was a mess that it would not allow me to write or edit an article. I had to go through an app called Blogo to start a draft and use the WP app on my mobile phone to edit blog titles and …

Praying for my daughters’ best

I’ve been married for nearly 13 years now, but it feels like my husband and I have been together way much longer than that. We’ve probably already talked about everything under the sun except our daughters getting married someday though. As you already know, we have two daughters, now ages 12 and 9, and as Christians, one of the things that we are taught to do as parents is the importance of praying for our children. That includes not only praying for their health, a heart that would always want to seek God, discovering, developing and using their talents to serve God, and more, but also praying for their future marriage, the person they will marry someday (and whether it is part of God’s plan for them to be married). I have not started really thinking about them getting married one day, and so you can say that I slack when it comes to that prayer aspect until I had an opportunity to speak with one of my friends’/mentor’s only son recently. Somehow, after that …

Welcoming Anya

My family’s excited to receive the newest addition to the family as a guest in our house. A close relative gave birth earlier this morning and she accepted our invitation for her and her newborn to stay with us for 1–2 weeks. Her husband’s away, she has no helper, and not only do we have some space in the house, but so much affection and excitement for the baby, too. As I was preparing the house to be ready for the baby’s arrival, I also looked for my husband’s childhood pictures, which he needed for a certain activity at the office. I realized that he was such a cutie when he was both a baby and a toddler that I suddenly longed to have a son, who would look exactly like him when he was that age! As much as I love my husband though, I’d say he wasn’t a looker during his pre-adolescent years, and not even just before I met him. (Yup, I’d like to take credit for whatever improvement in my husband’s …