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Café Review: Pet Lovers Café

A café where furry pals are the main attraction

Neighborhood affairs

There are times when I find myself being the recipient of some of my neighbors’ goodwill. When our first pet dog died about a year ago, a couple of my neighbors came to help us have him buried and clear the house of ticks. When a carpenter tried to overcharge me for a lousy job he rendered and was even unwilling to finish the work unless I gave him more money, a few of my neighbors helped me by talking to that man and alerting me whenever he was around so I could make a followup. When my daughters and I got locked out of the house a couple of times, some of them also helped us get back inside and retrieve the keys. One of my neighbors also offered to let my daughters stay with their children as I do some house chores, since she’s aware that I don’t have a babysitter. For someone who keeps to herself most of the time, almost never stops by someone else’s house to chat, seldom sends dishes to other households, and probably holds the least number of parties, not to mention with very few invitees, in the neighborhood, I think I am very blessed …

Grey is the color of death

May 25. We’re celebrating my husband’s 33rd birthday today. However, instead of being happy all day, my daughters and I have a foreboding sense of death. The first and only dog our family ever had seems to be dying. Her name is Katya, and I can still remember my little Z picking her over a litter of much cuter puppies being sold in the sidewalk of Alabang last December. (Honestly though, if she could have it her way, we’d take home all the pups!) Katya was already five weeks old then according to the vendor. We named her Katya–one of my suggestions–because her color’s exactly the same as the sack cloth (i.e., in katya or katsa in Tagalog), which was sort of dirty white. Katya has always been a playful and active dog. She has a very good temper and friendly to almost everyone. In fact, once you get past her size, you would realize that there’s nothing to fear about her. It was rather frustrating that she doesn’t make a good guard dog at …