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Makeup epiphany

Insights from an afternoon of a makeover seminar

Claiming God’s promises

Have you ever experienced praying so hard for something to happen, then finally, when the first sign appears that what you’ve been praying for is about to come true, you start to laugh at the idea then cower, wondering if it’s really happening, while panic swells inside of you as you remember that nothing’s impossible with God and your life is about to change forever? Well, not just your life, but your loved ones’ as well? I know! It’s crazy, right? Well, that’s exactly how I feel now. And I couldn’t help relating my situation to Abraham‘s wife Sarah for the first time, when she laughed at the thought that her deepest desire to become a mother was about to come true, at the age when she was already way, way past the age of childbearing… However, I have also wondered about the various what ifs, like, what if I mess up along the way and God would change His mind, suddenly declaring that it’s not yet time, that was just a teaser? Or, oops! Wrong move (attitude), go back to Start? I can tell that God’s leading …