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Top 10 useful apps when traveling to Singapore

Find out the top 10 useful apps that you need to download on your smart phones when traveling to Singapore, especially for the first time or when traveling solo

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 17: The one with the weekend in Singapore

reading the birthday greetings I received on Facebook. I know that many of these well-wishers may not really know that it is my birthday today until they saw the notification on Facebook. Regardless, I appreciate them taking the time to write me a short note and even ask how I’ve been, especially that my wall is on private mode. That is, no one can post anything on my wall without my approval, so that makes it a little bothersome for them. writing down things that I need to do this coming week. Well, okay, I’m trying to set new goals, but it looks like they would have to wait until I get some sleep. listening to what my heart is saying. And you know what, it’s telling me that I am happy. Who says an adult can no longer spend her birthday at TimeZone with both her young kids and adult friends and relatives? You have no idea how much fun we had! thinking about all the things that happened yesterday and today, and even the past few weeks. …