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Weekend Art Fest

Meeting and learning from local artists at the SM ArtFest

Lessons from my pickpocket experience

Just how many times will it take before I come to realize–and bask in the realization–that I need to be less materialistic and I need to be more careful with how I handle money?  Right–handle!  Literally and figuratively. I remember losing my cellphone on that fateful night in the office.  That was the 4th of February.  And it all seemed to come back again earlier this afternoon when I got hit by the fact that I lost my wallet. I was on my way out of the mall, ready to pick up my daughter in school, when I remembered what a friend told me about the nice blouses on sale at Celine.  Sure enough, I found one that I liked easily.  My head was throbbing with pain, and all I could think of was to pay for it and leave the place the soonest possible.  I sure got to the counter after a minute or so of  struggling with women blocking my path.  The store seemed to have cramped in an instant.  The huge woman, …