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Like many women, when I feel that change is needed, I start with my appearance.


Mommy Break

Have you ever watched a movie that’s supposed to be funny, but you end up crying instead? That’s how it was while I was watching “Mom’s Night Out” online. Thanks to our complimentary one free movie a month on Clickplay (for being PLDT MyDSL subscriber), I just saw it for the third time since last Sunday. I normally let my daughters pick the movies we’d watch, but this time, I insisted on the said movie. Maybe because I felt that I needed it. I needed a good laugh, I needed to de-stress, relax, especially after a meltdown. Seriously. Besides, how many “mommy movies” are there, anyway?It wasn’t what I had expected though – to just be funny and no more. I didn’t expect that having my life portrayed in front of me, my idiosyncrasies, frustrations, secret desires, would be poignantly portrayed right before my eyes. It’s crazy! I must be getting crazy. I was both laughing and crying the whole time I was watching the movie. My youngest daughter was probably wondering what was happening to …

Why I do volunteer work and why you should consider doing it, too

I remember the night before I attended the first Vision Gathering of Saddleback Church South Manila. These were actually the words that I typed in my (other) digital diary: It’s past midnight now, and yes, I’m still wide awake. I recently received an invitation to volunteer, to work with fellow Christians, former church mates to set up a ministry in the South. I have been thinking about serving in a ministry, yearning so much for it, but I wasn’t sure where or how. All I know is it doesn’t necessarily have to be directly connected with the church I am currently attending. As for what to do and which of my talents or skills to use, I’m sure I’ll figure out what God would want me to do along the way. Who knows, He might reveal to me another area of strength I never knew existed before. I’m sure it’s going to be fun; even if it would entail hard work, it would be fulfilling. At the end of the day, I would want to …

Time management for busy moms like me

It’s only the 10th of the month, yet to me it feels like it’s month-end already. Somehow, I already feel tired and could no longer keep track of the days. It looks like I need to double check on my priorities and reorganize my schedule. I seriously need to manage my time well. I feel so harassed and overwhelmed at the tasks that I need to do. I’m also out almost everyday this month so far, and I’m starting to feel that 24 hours in a day is no longer enough. Burn out. I guess that’s exactly the word to describe what I’m going through now. I wish I could have a week only to myself. No worries, no concerns, no emails, no goals to meet, no marketing strategies to conjure, no meetings, no phone calls, not even text messages. Just a week to relax, be quiet, eat, read, pray, reflect, and sleep.  I actually tried to do that this weekend. I just spent the whole weekend with my girls, not bothering to check my email, we went to the …