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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 25: Just the four of us

Making the most out of my husband’s short vacation


How I came to love traveling

Traveling has always been a fun and memorable experience for me, especially when it’s done with my family. I was in junior high when I first traveled, and I did it with a beloved cousin. We toured Ilocos, both north and south, and she introduced me to my mother’s relatives–our relatives. That was one summer vacation that I would never forget. For the first time, I got to meet nearly everyone in my mother’s clan. I saw the places she frequented when she was growing up, and I finally acknowledged that I had an Ilocano blood in my veins. We went from one museum to another when we were in Vigan, and  sought out some of our distant relatives in certain barrios. I even got to name a newborn calf at one of those remote places we visited! Of course, I named it after myself so they would remember me. I also got to play not only at the beach, but also in the river banks. It’s like a whole new world opened up to me when I visited …


These past few days, I keep thinking about one thing: travel. I’d like to get on a plane, go somewhere nice and peaceful, and just wander for a few days. I feel like this is the jumpstart that I need to be productive again. The past few weeks (and months) had been very stressful and I could use a change in scenery. Although I’ve been writing a lot, wandering with my feet and not just with my mind is just different and I do not want to pass up the opportunity. I’ve been thinking of going to Singapore again because I have not fully explored the country yet. Besides, it’s just a few hours away, PAL is having a sale until tomorrow, I won’t have to worry where to stay, plus I can explore the country by myself since my husband and friends would be at work. Perfect, right? So what’s keeping me from leaving? My kids and finances, I suppose. I don’t really want to leave my girls behind, especially on a school week. …

Missing and wishing

I have just finished looking at my friend Michelle’s photos on Facebook. She and seven other travellers came together to visit Patagonia. She took great pictures and the sceneries were simply breathtaking. And to think I never thought such place with such name existed until she posted her albums! As I was looking at her pictures, a few things came to my mind. First, how blessed she is to be able to travel to such places. I wonder if God would ever allow me (with my family) to see such places too, and if yes, I wonder when that would happen. Although I am happy for her–after the painful divorce she had to deal with last year, she certainly needs a break, and a fabulous one such as this–I must admit that I am also envious of my friend’s travel escapades. To be able to travel and see the world would always be one of my dreams and prayers yet to be answered by God. The other thing I realized was that I’ve missed my friend and our highschool group very much. She was one of my best …