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Discovering Laos

Visiting Laos for the first time and getting over my incomprehensible fear of communist countries

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 5: The one on our first weekend in Laos

reading the titles and headlines of local magazines and newspapers in Vientiane, Laos. It’s a good thing many of them are in English (unlike in Bangkok, Thailand). writing key words down to help me remember some of the interesting things I’ve learned while traveling. listening for Filipino words that may be spoken around me. It’s interesting that although the people around me look vaguely Filipino, they speak a foreign language that are not even remotely familiar. thinking about what it’s like to stay here in Vientiane for at least a year or two, or maybe raise the girls here. It’s peaceful and quiet here, after all, and there are so many institutions where I can practice my profession either as an ESL teacher or PR professional. smelling the scent of wood every time I open the closet in our room wishing we’re experiencing the same weather back home, i.e., 19–24º C hoping to find a battery pack for my Nikon D5100 very soon. I have packed the whole thing, complete with charger and an SD …