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Full-time mommy gets a new full-time home-based job

working from home

my own office at home

I got a phone call at around 6 am today, inviting me to a virtual conference with prospective clients/employers. Two hours later, I found myself online at Skype, sharing things about my employment background, etc. To make it short, I just got hired. I’ll be working on a new account starting next week.

I was thrilled to hear it, especially that I did not expect it at all. In fact, all I could think of during the call was to go back to bed. But, as always, I’m open to both new challenges and the idea of getting an extra income. However, a nagging voice tells me that it might not work out again, like my last job, for the same reason: although it’s home-based, it’s still a full-time job and I might get so cranky again, put my health in line, and miss spending time with my girls so much. Not to mention lose focus on my graduate studies.

Since God brought me to it, however, I’d like to think that every thing will turn out well. After all, I’ve been scouring for new home-based jobs for a few weeks now and had either been kept in the waiting list or turned down for lack of experience–yes, I’ve been so ambitious to try new fields in the hope of getting a job that would only require a few hours of work in a week, even if they do not suit my skills and interests. Interestingly though, I have also received job offers from headhunters and reputable companies who had seen my profile in certain job hunting websites, which I had to turn down despite the very competitive salary and benefits they offer. One of them was the company I have been eyeing for sometime now, that is, if I do get the chance to have a good househelp, the first thing I’d do is march up to their office in Alabang and submit my application. I was definitely in cloud nine when I received the call from them out of the blue, especially that I did not even send an application to their company. For one, I am well aware that they do offer a handsome compensation package and that many of my previous workmates have tried applying for a job at their office but had been turned down because of their apparently very high standards. Only one of my friends was able to get through. But I had to turn down the offer. I did it mainly because I have to work in their office.

At this point in my life, it doesn’t matter how prestigious the company is or how big the offer they’re giving me. I need to work from home and not away from my girls, even if it means less income. I have also given up the idea of finding a good helper.  I just can’t seem to find the ‘perfect fit.’ And, with all the horrible stories going around caused by unscrupulous maids, I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable again leaving my precious girls at the hands of a non-relative just to earn money or further my career outside of home. Besides, I know that I can do the house chores by myself.

Soon, both of my girls will be off to school and I am definitely going to miss them both. The house will become awfully quiet, especially in the morning. Well, at least, I’ll have something else to think about… (Although I think I’d be happier with a part-time job.)

* * *

Many ask me where I get my leads for home-based job opportunities. Here are some of the websites I regularly visit or subscribe to:

And, of course, I also get referrals from friends.

Now, if you’re a blogger and would like to earn some money from it, consider creating an account at www.squidoo.com and www.ezinearticles.com. Having a Twitter account and following groups or bloggers that offer free advice or training on certain skills or profession is also an advantage. Aside from the free education, they also provide links to certain job opportunities.

The home-based jobs I’ve had so far are either into academic writing or editing. Regarding the salary, I’ve always had mine deposited directly to my BPI savings account free of charge. (I’m not sure why, but I have this notion that BPI’s a favorite among offshore companies maintaining a local office with a bunch of home-based employees here in the Philippines.)

Care to share your thoughts on this? :)

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