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How I came to love traveling

Traveling has always been a fun and memorable experience for me, especially when it’s done with my family. I was in junior high when I first traveled, and I did it with a beloved cousin. We toured Ilocos, both north and south, and she introduced me to my mother’s relatives–our relatives. That was one summer vacation that I would never forget. For the first time, I got to meet nearly everyone in my mother’s clan. I saw the places she frequented when she was growing up, and I finally acknowledged that I had an Ilocano blood in my veins. We went from one museum to another when we were in Vigan, and  sought out some of our distant relatives in certain barrios. I even got to name a newborn calf at one of those remote places we visited! Of course, I named it after myself so they would remember me. I also got to play not only at the beach, but also in the river banks. It’s like a whole new world opened up to me when I visited …

Marking history

30 June 2016. Today marks the inauguration of our country’s 16th President and 14th Vice President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo, respectively. I was up almost as soon as the alarm on my phone went off and started preparing breakfast by the time the 6AM news coverage on the inauguration started. I can’t recall ever waking up early in the past, although I do remember watching certain parts of the previous Philippine presidents’ inauguration address. In fact, this must be the first time I have learned of the symbolisms used on such occasions, including the going up and down on the staircase of the outgoing and incoming presidents. It’s a good thing that we’re homeschooling and my girls, especially my 7th grader, are now old enough to pay attention to the program. I honestly wouldn’t take it against them if they prefer to do other things, even if it concerns the country’s history; I know I’d rather play or read a novel if I were their age. Thankfully, I didn’t have to …

The Unfriendly Bee

It’s been a while since my girls and I went out with Quinn, our one-year old Boston Terrier, in tow. I attended our weekly discipleship group/Bible study meeting earlier and while my women’s group was studying, my girls were playing with dear Quinn. After the meeting, we headed to the park, which was just outside the church building, and let Quinn walk. We decided to have lunch then at one of the nearest fast food restaurants, one with a famous “bee” for its mascots. It’s been more than a month since we dropped by the place and we really missed their famous chicken. As we were eating, Quinn stayed under the table. As usual, Lil Sis was the last to finish her food and I had to help her with it. Of course, it shouldn’t take me long to finish it, so I told my girls to get ready, we would leave as soon as I was done. I was about to put into my mouth the last forkful of spaghetti when my 12-year old …