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Reality makeover

(photo from foswiki.org)

I’ve been watching TV again. That is, aside from the regular news that I see, I have also been watching other programs, and this time, I’m into these shows that feature different types of makeover. Somehow, I find these shows both entertaining and informative. Moreover, since they’re not like soaps–and I don’t like soaps–that make you wait for the next episode to find out what happens next, I don’t feel bad whenever I’d miss one.

However, watching such programs makes me wish I could have a makeover too–wardrobe, home, even appearance. Let’s see… I’m starting to get tired of my hair style. As much as I would like to buy new clothes, bags, and shoes, I have to admit that they’d be no use to me since I’m a full-time homemaker now and work for me also means home-based. So what’s the use of buying new stuffs, especially really nice ones? I think I’d be happy with just a new pair of slippers (FitFlops perhaps), and a shirt or two, plus shorts. Nothing fancy, since my daily routine now mainly includes bringing my younger daughter to school and picking her up as well.

I wish I could also have our houses, i.e., the one we’re renting out, currently renting, and the one owned by my parents, redesigned for a very minimal cost. I wish Clean House is also available here, and my parents’ home could be featured in it. It has so many stuffs that I believe my father and my sister’s family (they’re now staying with him) can do without.

I wish, I wish, I wish… the list goes on, I guess. But I think what I really need is a reality makeover. I’m not living in a glazed world, I can’t expect people to share my values, I can’t expect my children to always act prim and proper especially in public, I can’t expect those who call themselves professionals to act in a professional manner at all times, even if they happen to be teachers. I expect myself to show wisdom and grace in difficult situations, to be more generous and forgiving of others, to be more patient with my children and other people, to be a better person than what I am now.

I wish my children are growing with their father around. I wish my husband could also experience horsing around with our little girls and sharing meals with them again every single day.  (I know he would love that too! We all would.) I wish my family and I are in a much better place.

I wish I could forget all the things that could make me both sad and angry.

I wish there’s a program that would also provide a reality makeover and make things better for everyone who would call or send them an email almost instantly. But then again, that would not be real anymore, would it? I guess a reality check is what I really need.

Care to share your thoughts on this? :)

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