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Mommy break

It’s been a while since I went to the mall and had lunch all by myself. I always go out with my little girls in tow. However, since my girls are attending a three-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) I suddenly find myself having some me time, which happens very rarely.

To maximize my me time, I determined to pamper myself a little–something that I have not done in months or since I acquired peripheral neuropathy, I should say. On day 1, after finishing some errands and while the girls are attending the VBS, I visited my hometown and went to the parlor that I used to frequent there. I had my hair trimmed and my toe nails done. I guess I now look neat again with my pixie cut hairstyle. For the first time, I also had my toe nails painted with lavender nail polish, glossed with glittery colorless lacquer. It’s something that I had always wanted to try, and I’m glad that I finally did. I would have also visited my father after spending an hour at the salon, but since I didn’t have much time left, I went directly to ATC mall instead, which was near the VBS venue, to appease my hunger before picking up the girls.

On Day 2, after I have dropped the girls in the assembly hall, I visited the prayer room in the same church building. I missed having a long and private conversation with God, something that I could only do once the girls are already asleep at night or while they’re still sleeping in the morning. Really, it’s rather difficult for me to find a good time for my devotions at home without getting interrupted, so this opportunity was most welcome. After I have told Him everything that I had in mind, I was ready for another me time adventure.

I headed to SM Southmall and went to Sbarro for lunch. I had lasagna and lemonade–the same meal that we always order whenever the girls and I would visit the place. While eating, I realized that I had become so used to sharing my food with my girls, especially with little Z since she still couldn’t finish a full meal by herself. I suddenly missed them terribly and felt guilty that I was eating by myself. I made sure then that I bring them some goodies when I pick them up in a few hours. After lunch, I went to a skin clinic for some facial spa. Having both the black and white heads removed from my face was rather painful, but I delighted in the knowledge that at least, my skin would look brighter and become smooth again soon. Once more, I left the mall feeling good. And, to further ease my guilt after devouring an all-time favorite family dish all by myself, I brought the girls to the mall for some playtime before going home.

Day 3 was the girls’ graduation from VBS and I had to be with them all the time. The past two days had been somewhat exhilarating; we were not late in coming to church, the girls had fun and learned a lot while they were in VBS, and I also enjoyed doing things both by myself and for myself. In contrast, however, this day was so much different from the past two days. For one, we were 30 minutes late and to top it off, we found ourselves sitting next to some of the world’s most selfish people I’ve ever met on our way to church (I’ll tell you all about it in a separate blog; after all, this is supposedly about my break, mommy break). Nevertheless, the girls were still rather early for their presentation and the awarding ceremony. They showcased all the new songs and dance steps they learned the past two days during the program. To my chagrin, my girls’ respective groups were about ten feet apart and I found myself panning the camera throughout their performances to ensure that I captured their movements, which was not easy at all, especially with all the parents and guardians surrounding all the students.

When the awarding ceremony came, sure enough, my big baby A got an award for being Most Creative. Little Z was so disappointed though that she did not get any award; one of her teachers had to talk to her and encourage her to do better next time. I think she takes things seriously; if her big sister got an award, she’d better get one too.

Once the program’s over, the three of us headed to the mall for lunch. By 2:30 pm, however, I had to leave the girls at the Family Lounge to go to the next door skin clinic for another hour of beauty session. This time, I was scheduled to have the tiny warts on my neck removed (I had the appointment set up the previous day). I was hesitant to leave them by themselves even after I left a word with the lounge staff and left my girls with some instructions. I tried to convince myself that every thing would be alright. After all, I would just be next door, they knew where I would be, and I could trust them.

This time, things didn’t go well though unlike the previous days. For one, the attendant at the skin clinic apparently gave me wrong information regarding the cost of the procedure. With the discrepancy, you could say that the dermatologist was doing highway robbery for charging me double. I guess that’s the only consolation–a dermatologist and not one of her trained assistants performed the procedure. Nevertheless, she had not been very careful since it wasn’t painless at all, contrary to what it was supposed to be. Secondly, I was so worried about my girls the first few minutes that I was away. In fact, I was nervous. I wanted to get up and go to them, but since plasters were already all over my neck and I forgot to bring a scarf, plus the doctor specifically instructed that I did not move to avoid displacing the anesthesia, I stayed where I was.

As soon as the procedure was over, I went directly to my girls who had been waiting for me. I didn’t realize that they would be so anxious to see me that they were staring at the doors, willing for me to come back, that they immediately ran to me when I entered the lounge. Little Z even burst into tears as soon as she saw me. She thought that I had completely forgotten about them and would no longer come back for them. I guess she forgot that I was just next door and I would be back in an hour. They didn’t tell me about any untoward incident while I was away, so I assumed that everything was okay. We then left the mall and went back to church for my first ever accountability/discipleship group (D-Group) meeting as a married woman.

Although I had thought of my children all the time that I was away from them, I was still grateful for the few hours that we were apart, which allowed me to reassess my relationship with God, my family, and my own self, not to mention pamper myself too. Moreover, that few hours that we were apart from each other allowed my children to meet new friends, learn new things, and get to know God deeper as well. I suppose it’s really good to have such breaks once in a while.

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