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Warming up (again)

I’m not so sure what I want to write (about). Frankly. For a while there, I started doubting myself, that is, if I could still really write… I just realized that it’s been MONTHS since I had actually sat down in front of my computer and started typing away, like what I am actually doing now. I always seem to find chores to do, things that must be dealt with first, before I ever sit down and write. I keep receiving updates from my subscriptions to various writing groups, urging me to write, write, write. (I also get writing job offers!) And now I think I should have followed their advice long ago, especially that ideas on what to write about keep popping in my mind almost everyday. This is my therapy. Writing. How could I have simply put it in the back seat? I feel like I am actually going nowhere without this secret hobby that I so love to do all the time, next to reading, but had started to ditch. Yes, I think this is what I am missing the most, aside from real persons that I can talk to face-to-face and be with…

Thanks for sticking though. 🙂 Do bear with me as I try to get back to my old self and re-adjust some stuff in my daily routine.  Now, to answer the question as to what I have been up to the past few months, here’s a list of the things that I’ve been doing:

1. Training and seminars. I’ve been attending lots of them to help myself become a better leader and entrepreneur;

2. Endless meeting with doctors. Indeed, I’ve started to become both a health coach and a business partner to medical doctors specializing in different fields;

3. Conducting monthly health check and seminars for the benefit of senior citizens officers in our area;

4. Books, books, books! My little girls and I get a thrill from scouring books at Book Sale and other bookstores. I, myself, have started to collect a number of books on entrepreneurship, self-development, as well as devotionals.

5. Becoming a certified foodie by trying out new dishes and becoming more experimental in the kitchen. I have also learned to cook kare-kare, humba, menudo, pork binagoongan, puto, maja blanca, and leche flan over the past few months;

6. Watching movies in the bedroom, with huge bowls of butter and cheese popcorn and a tall bottle of lemon iced tea, where the three of us drink from, as a form of bonding activity with my girls, especially when the weather becomes so hot and humid;

7. Seemingly endless shopping for food, art materials, and some personal items;

8. Visiting kid-friendly places, such as the Enchanted Kingdom, Ark Avilon Zoo, and mommy expos at the mall with my girls;

9. Accompanying my daughters to their summer workshops, and organizing a scrap booking/tea party for Little Baby Z’s 7th birthday; and

10. Rediscovering the joy of playing online games and apps on iPhone and iPad with my girls–yeah, go ahead and try to guess what they are! 🙂

In the coming days, I’ll try to catch up with you, and post some photos, too. After all, what’s a diary if it’s not updated, eh?

Care to share your thoughts on this? :)

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