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Counting the hours at Suvarnabhumi Airport

31 December 2015

It’s the last day of the year, the last day of our vacation, the last day before my husband goes back to Singapore while the girls and I go back to our home in the Philippines. It’s going to be months again before we get together as a family, and the day’s not turning out well. I was hoping that we could still do some sight seeing, have fun while we wait for our flight, make the most out of the little time that we could still spend together.

Guess what, our flight is not until half an hour past midnight later, though my husband’s three hours ahead of ours. Now that means we’re spending about 12 hours doing nothing at this airport. Twelve hours! We’re in a different country, it’s sunny outside, and we’re stuck here! I’m not happy, and I’m venting it all out here. I’m sorry, but you just got to let me. Everybody’s reluctant to go out and I don’t understand why. Am I the only one who wanted to make the most out of this trip? Am I the only one who really wanted to travel and see the world, or at least part of it?


Giant colorful statues such as this seem to be the only attraction at Suvarnabhumi Airport

We traveled for about 11 hours all the way from Vientiane, Laos to Bangkok, Thailand by bus, and we arrived at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport just when the sun was about to rise. The sunrise was beautiful as always, by the way. I have waited for it, been wanting to witness it in full view, see if it’s any different from the one from our place in Laguna. The sunrise was the only consolation I have as we let time slip away while we’re confined in the airport. I could see the sun as it continues to rise in the sky from where we were sitting.


Watching the sun rise from both outside and inside the airport building

I’ve been looking for attractions in this place, right inside the building. However, sadly, there’s none. It’s an airport, and that is all there is to it. It’s nowhere near Changi Airport, where you could stay for hours and not feel trapped. I could go out by myself, sure, but after learning how bad the traffic is going to the nearest mall, I changed my mind. I would have tried their train or some other transport available at the airport that would get me to another place, but unfortunately, I didn’t discover much earlier that such transport services were available. Since it’s going to be New Year soon, I decided not to go out and risk being late, i.e., for my husband’s 9:20 PM flight.


A garden that I discovered much later in the afternoon

And now we’re surrounded by these Chinese-looking group again. I’m not racist, but I just don’t particularly like this group and I’m having a difficult time hiding my irritation. They talk so loud, they’d just grab the nearest empty seat they could find, not even stopping to ask if it’s taken. (My parents-in-law had just gone to the canteen to grab some food and they would definitely come back.) Worse, they’ve been doing things no one is supposed to do in public. Don’t let me describe them, please; they’re just EEEEWW!

Five more hours and 20 minutes before my husband’s flight… and all we could do is sit, eat, walk around a little, go to the rest room to freshen up once in a while, play games on our mobile phones and visit some social media sites or read emails–it’s a good thing there’s free WiFi although it would require you to register or re-log in every two hours of use, etc. until I realized that we really just have a few hours to spend together as a family… so little time, but it should be enough. I should have been more prepared for this trip and kept a happy disposition instead. So much time and energy was wasted!


Something to cheer up the unhappy trooper in me

TIME. Maybe that should be my word for the year 2016. I need to value it more, make every minute count…


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