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The Ice Castles and what it means to me

It’s Sunday once more, and we’re staying home. Weather is bad and I think the girls could use some rest after our activities yesterday. I decided to do some painting, using my daughters’ book on nursery rhymes for some inspiration. I must say I was doing just fine, I was happy with my work, until my youngest daughter came to Fox Family Movies channel on TV, where the movie Ice Castles (2010) was being shown.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Ice Castles before–I simply can’t remember any more. And each time I see it, I can’t help but cry. Like in the past, I had to stop what I was doing earlier and sit with my daughter to watch it, trying so hard to keep myself from crying but to no avail. I would have cried a river if my daughter wasn’t with me, you know? To keep myself a little distracted, I took photos of the screen and ate some cake. Ha! Like that really helped somehow.

Does the same thing ever happen to you? Crying over a movie that you’ve already seen (a number of times) before, I mean? Somehow, I don’t see Ice Castles as some cheesy romantic story, featuring college kids who are into figure skating and hockey. I see so much more than that, and that’s probably the reason I cry each time.

I see myself as the romantic girl, seeking attention, trying to please others, wanting to make sure that I have the adoration, if not the full attention, of the person I love. I see myself getting busy with a lot of things and neglecting the feelings of the people closest to me. I see myself receiving forgiveness and mercy even when I do not deserve such. I see my younger self being loved and cared for by my parents, even after I had made wrong decisions that not only hurt them but also altered my future.

Through this movie, I realize all over again the unconditional love my parents had shown me as well as the mercy and grace I keep receiving from Jesus. I also see my husband’s love and support for me. Best of all, I see myself overcoming obstacles and all those self-doubts and fear that used to subdue me, that keep me from being the best I could be.

So, tell me, should I not cry when I watch this movie again? Watch it too and let me know, will you? (No, I’m not going to give you a summary of the film.)


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