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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 21: The one where I started to move forward (again)

reading an ebook copy of “How to Ruin Your Child in 7 Easy Steps: Tame Your Vices, Nurture Their Virtues” by Patrick M. Quinn and Ken Roach. I’m on the second chapter now, but I’ve already learned so much from this book. These are just two of the statements I have highlighted in it (from the first chapter):

“You can’t actually ruin your child. Not that parents don’t sometimes do terrible things. We do. But God’s grace is greater. He can turn even our worst messes into something beautiful.”

“When you invest time in changing yourself–even a little bit–it gives you enormous leverage to influence change in your children.”

writing responses to some of the comments on one of my blog posts. I have recently started joining the weekly comment exchange at Mommy Bloggers Philippines’ Facebook page. Participants are supposed to visit each other’s blog and comment on a specific post. The activity helps me get out of my shell, meet other SAHMs/WAHMs, who are also mommy bloggers, at the same time gain information on various topics. Commenting on 30 blog posts within 3–4 days was overwhelming at first, but I’m getting the hang of it now and enjoying it, too.

listening to the noise coming from the airconditioning unit. It seems to be complaining, reminding me that it needs to get some thorough cleaning ASAP.

thinking about what happened last weekend. It seemed so long ago now, yet I couldn’t help but cry on the shoulder of my good friend/business mentor/writing client/fellow mom Ate Honey when I saw her at church earlier today. I know she can relate to what I’ve been going through and I’m thankful to God for her!

wishing what the pastor says about radical love is so easy to extend to ERG (extra grace required) individuals! I can think of several of them right now, but I honestly don’t know if I even want to reach out to them. I (can) forgive them, sure, but I don’t think there’s even a need for me to be reconciled with them. Oh, it’s so hard to be a Christian!

hoping I could finish sorting our stuff before my husband returns for a short vacation. I do not want him to see again the boxes of clothes, shoes, and toys that we’re giving away and selling online. And, there’s more of them in the closet!

loving how the day went today as well as last Sunday. We’ve been to church on both times, then to the mall to watch a movie, dine, and shop. I believe these activities are helping us heal and get closer to each other again.

wanting to move to another house the soonest possible, but I’m sensing my husband’s hesitancy again, even if he’s the one who told me to put the house on sale ASAP. After telling him that I’ve already contacted a real estate agent and we now have to decide the selling price, he’s reluctant to finalize the terms and conditions we’ll be giving the agent.

needing to go to sleep now, but I’m determined to finish this Sunday Currently post. Doing so helps ensure that I get into writing blog posts at least once a week no matter how short it is or random its topic.

feeling tired after all that walking and shopping we did at the mall today. We got Lil Sis a new pair of shoes, we got Big Sis a shirt and a dress, and I got myself two cotton blouses. Everyone of us seems happy, including Daddy, who also got a new pair of shoes for himself yesterday.

enjoying the peace and quiet in the house now and in our surroundings. I hope it will always be like this, no fighting, no confrontations; everyone stays in his/her respective home.

praying that our relationship with each other in the family would continue to improve in the coming days and that we’d be able to reach out to those who have hurt us one of these days and glorify God.

thanking God for my family and friends, for the provisions, protection, and good health. Right now, I could not ask for anything except to be reunited with my husband for good. I hope he gets a new job here soon, or we get to stay with him in Singapore soon and I’d get a good job. ❤

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